Sunday Chuckle: Nuclear Iodine Pills

How things have changed at the cottage in just two years. It is true that Kincardine is not far from Bruce Nuclear. What’s new is the mandatory early warning system (in case of meltdown) and government-issued emergency iodine pills! Welcome to the atomic age.  Cottage essentials used to be beach towels, a few candles if the power went out, and lots of card games.  Now it’s distant early warnings and nuclear iodine pills!


        1. Mega Monopoly is my FAVOURITE. It adds extra spaces on a super large board. Every colour group has an extra property in it. You can still build when you get three…but if you can get all four you can build skyscrapers. There’s an extra utility and a bus stop that gets you around faster too. Love it. There’s another one called Monopoly City that I don’t even know how to begin to describe.

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        2. Yeah, I’m a kiljoy. The game is usually boring, and it never ends. It just goes on and on until someone says ‘this sucks, let’s quit’ and we do. I’ve given up playing it.


  1. You got your potassium iodide pills, kids? OK, off to the beach we go! Ugh, we’re no better, spending time in PE. And of course our Bay is connected to the whole shebang. We’re only 2 hours down the road from Kincardine and I know a wee peninsula of land ain’t gonna protect us at all if the Bruce shits the bed.

    Bonus points for Distant Early Warning! I love Rush on a Sunday morning.

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    1. I’m listening/writing up Dio presently, but still pretty good in the morning right?

      My family used to go on their visitor tours at the power plant. It was actually a lot of fun! I remember when I was a kid, the tour guide asked me to try and pick up a piece of depleted uranium to demonstrate how heavy uranium was, and it WAS! And I remember when I couldn’t lift it he said, “Have you had your Wheaties today?” LOL.


  2. Wow! Talk about flashback. I grew up next to the Darlington plant (not literally but it was close) and I vaguely remember these. Also, there was a class trip, and plenty of presentations on nuclear energy.

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    1. We did the class trip in Grade 12 and it’s a good story for me to write up soon, because it ties into my Kiss series. We went to Pickering. And I remember we had to pass through scanners at every check point to check for radioactive contamination. And I had trouble with the body scanner. LOL

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  3. I have read that adults over the age of 40 not take those tabs. All they protect is the thyroid, and the older adult thyroid does not absorb nuclear iodine like young people do. They are mostly meant for children, who are most at risk.
    If it blows, get the hell out of Dodge.
    Also, if nuclear zombies attack, aim for the head.

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    1. You know, Bop, I have to admit I’m curious how you know this. LOL

      I hope I never need to take a potassium iodide pil, nor get the hell out of Dodge…but if there is a zombie attack, I’m prepared for that! Back in the old days, a rifle was necessary at the cottage and I know how to use it.


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