WTF Search Terms: Amanda Seyfried edition

WTF SEARCH TERMS XXXVI: Amanda Seyfried edition

Here at, we like Amanda Seyfried.  She’s an actress who has also done plenty of singing.  She has a great voice; check out the song “Mean Old Moon” below from Ted 2.  She seems like she has a pretty good sense of humour, appearing in a couple McFarlane films, both of which made fun of her gigantic eyes.

So please welcome Amanda Seyfried to the latest edition of WTF Search Terms!  It’s the original series of weird things that somebody thought to type into a search engine and somehow end up here!

1a. porn pictures of ted2 actress lawyer

1b. amanda seyfried feet ted (two searches!)

Here you go, pal.  I guess this is the picture (from our Ted 2 review) that he came for!

And here’s the best of the rest for this instalment:

2. a disc of worms on the head

3. flower on shit

4. disgrace for cum

5. fifty shades of piss

6. dwonload full boobsy_animation_whores_wearing_glasses_acquire_screwed_hardcore_

7. leslie easterbrook arrested

8. solo jim carrey def leppard

9. japanese pornogramm

10. porn bonanza gallery

I hope you enjoyed these weird and wonderful search terms.  More soon.




      1. Never seen either of those films. In fact, I just Wiki’d her filmography and honestly, the only ONE of her films (she’s been in over 30 of them, apparently) I’ve even seen was A Million Ways To Die In The West. And that was so long ago, and such a silly movie that I don’t even really remember it, or her. I’m glad she’s talented, though, that’s cool for her. I’ll take your word for it!


  1. Now see, THIS is the type of searches I was talking about when I did a KMA edition a bit ago. We never get ‘flower on shit’ or ‘porn bonanza gallery’ at the KMA.

    I know you said we need to start writing more searchable words (like ‘disgrace for cum?’ perhaps) but I didn’t know how to work that into my recent AC/DC reviews…

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      1. See, you’d think it could lead downhill from there, right? But I’ll betcha the KMA doesn’t get anything lewd in the searches after that big post of AC/DC stuff. Just have to wait and see, I guess!


  2. Good fucking Lord! What disappointment those searching for 4, 6, 9 and 10 must have felt when they found a heap of reviews for Deep Purple and Kiss!

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    1. No kidding. I don’t think I have any photos here that are even remotely satisfying to those folks. I think Aaron once said “They came for the cock, but hopefully they stayed for the rock.”

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