Sunday Chuckle: Fidget Spinner Fail!

So there’s these two guys at work.  You’ve met Herbert before, a big guy with a big heart that everybody loves.  Then there’s another guy, and for the purposes of this story, we’ll call him “Justin Bieber”.

Herbert recently bought a fidget spinner.  They’re all the rage right now.  Meanwhile, Bieber bought a fidget cube.  These are toys for kids who have attention span issues, and studies show they might help.  But now they are trendy for adults of all types too.

Bieber pulled a prank on Herbert, by disabling his fidget spinner.  He saw a picture on the internet and did this:

Fortunately, Bieber unlocked the spinner before Herbert a) got a bolt cutter, and b) dumped Bieber’s backpack in a toilet.  Happy ending!


  1. Thank heavens for the introductory video, Mike.

    For months I’ve been baffled by the mysteries of these toys, but now, thanks to Mr Mogadon and his scintillating presentation I think I understand.

    Let me just check. After all, it was almost two-and-a-half minutes of intense concentration to crack that vid.

    One: hold the thing in the centre. Two: spin it.

    I wish more of my life could be this satisfying.

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  2. I think I’d have preferred the ending that included the bolt cutter and backback in the toilet! 😃

    But seriously, I had no idea what the appeal of this things are! Now I at least know what they do…

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  3. I’ll be the odd man out here and say that most people who buy these things are idiots who don’t need them. If there’s a diagnosis of ADD or something similar, fine. But most people need a swift kick in the ass, not a fidget toy. I have no time for them at all.

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