Sunday Chuckle: Sheeple

Sometimes you see something so absurd you have to take a picture.  This is the Zehrs store at Stanley Park Mall in Kitchener.  (I used to work there in fact.)  At what point do people say, “Gee, there isn’t room for any more carts??”  But no….



      1. I can’t stand the carts that you have to put a dollar in (because I never have a coin), but at least the carts go back properly.

        Another issue is people that bring the carts to their apartment building. Unless your name is Bubbles, leave the cart.

        I was at a grocery store the other day. They had the a/c cranked and it was cold in there. A.lady came in, grabbed a bunch of veggies, went to the bakery section and since it was so cold she left.
        When she left, she didn’t bother to put her veggies back. Not her problem, even though she had to walk back through the veggies to leave. Easier to leave them with the bread.
        I put them back though.

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        1. Bubbles was doing a good service. He was taking the carts out of the ditch and fixing them!

          I also do not think the coin thing is a solution.

          You are a good citizen.


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