#583.5: Going the Distance at Sunrise Records

The return of Sunrise Records to Canada has been one of the most exciting stories of 2017 for fans of physical product.  I rarely leave without new music under my arms.  This time I went for the new Alice Cooper album Paranormal, deluxe edition CD of course.  It was there front racked, $29.99.  A bit pricey compared to Amazon, but I wanted to buy it so I went for it.

I always get good customer service at Sunrise, and I went to the counter to ask a question.  The lady working looked it up — the Alice Cooper “Paranoiac Personality” single on 7″ vinyl.  No luck, as it turns out Sunrise don’t get many 7″ singles that aren’t for Record Store Day.  And that’s fine, but here’s where she went the extra mile.  She was working on something else and said, “I’ll be right over here in this isle if you have any more questions.”  Cool.  I appreciated that.

I had no more questions as I came for a few specific things.

  1. Something on vinyl that I didn’t already have on CD.
  2. A fidget spinner.

Mrs. LeBrain bought me a fidget spinner for my birthday, but I didn’t know how many levels of quality there are in those things.  That one is a light silver metal and doesn’t spin very long.  Mrs. LeBrain’s is much heavier and spins much longer.  I timed it once at 11 minutes!  It so happens that Sunrise had a buy one/get one free sale on fidget spinners.  So I bought the heavy one that Mrs. LeBrain owns, and a second metal one that looks like a ninja star!

Finally, some vinyl.  There were plenty to tempt me, but I didn’t want some crappy reissue.  I chose July Talk’s Touch.  And it’s excellent!  This band is impossible to describe.  Lead singer/guitarist Peter Dreimanis has a whiskey soaked Tom Waits howl, but it’s his own twist.  Leah Fay (lead vocals) contrasts Dreimanis, sometime delicate and sometimes loudly.  There is nothing easy to pigeonhole on this album.  They go from bluesy to punky to dancey.  But always with a toe in another genre too.  They get heavy and they get soft and every track is good.

Thanks Sunrise for another successful music run.  It won’t be our last I assure you.


  1. I’ve listened to a bit of the new Coop…
    It’s sounding real good…
    Tons of music on there…
    Like I mentioned to John yesterday all these old buggers are stepping up huge with awesome albums….

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    1. If you buy a physical copy (hahaha) you will see that Dennis Dunaway plays bass on a lot of the album, even outside the 2 special songs with the original band. He wrote on a lot of it too.

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    1. Really good. Different again. I haven’t arrived at comparisons yet. But it’s new and different again for Alice. Still heavy, still riffy, still rocking.

      My only disappointment is that Nita Strauss does not play on the studio album. She’s on the bonus live tracks but not the album itself.


    1. Yes they did and I considered it briefly! They had a lot of nifty stuff, some lovely stuff on picture disc that I considered too. But I think the July Talk album was the right choice, I am already “mentally writing” the review….


      1. Not a band I know too much about, will look forward to reading it.

        I saw that Cooper with the t-shirt and thought of you but figured you were likely getting a very expensive import version. ;)

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    1. Tom gave me shit for not buying this stuff at Encore. Fair enough. I have two responses to that.

      1. Location. KW is all torn up right now and I generally avoid downtown completely. That’ll change next year.

      2. Novelty. I’m enjoying the novelty of going to Sunrise again. Like any store, I like browsing and seeing what’s what.

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      1. My last response was much longer, but trimmed it down. Part of it was about the novelty of a new store.

        I will not chastise someone for shopping anywhere. I used to be that way, but not anymore.
        In fact, if I want an album today, and a store I hate has it, and the store I love does not, I will buy it today with no guilt.
        I share the wealth. Even if a store is a National chain, it is still employing local people.

        I get the KW thing. That LRT white elephant(see Simpsons episode Marge vs. Monorail) will continue to cause millions of losses and closures for KW retailers.

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        1. Big time. I look forward to a time when life returns to normal in KW, if it ever does. I used to shop downtown just about every weekend. Comic stores book stores and Encore. Can’t wait for this town to…do whatever it’s doing!


  2. It’s cool that you have a good record store with staff who seem to have an old school record store mentality (I’ll be over there if you need help!). Most importantly, it’s awesome that they have stuff you want!

    I’ve been digging the new Alice Cooper album. It really surprised me. I was in looking at records yesterday at lunchtime and spotted the vinyl (2LP), but I have my eyes on other prizes and money is focussed elsewhere.

    As for this July Talk album, I’m intrigued… I’ll have a wee look on the internets.

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