#583: Rock and Roll Shooz

GETTING MORE TALE #583: Rock and Roll Shooz

How rock and roll are shoes?  Not very.  But certainly some rock bands have had some exceptional footwear over the years.  The wild, multi coloured cowboy boots of Poison, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, and the gang…remember those?

In a world where image matters, you needed a cool pair of shoes to complete the look.  Glam rock bands went with cowboy boots, while thrashers and punks tended to go for skate shoes.  But who has the best shoes in rock?

  1. Robert Plant

Robert Plant?  For reals?  Yes, for reals!  Robert is about the only rock star to make sandals cool.  Sandals are about as un-rock as shoes can get.  But if you’re Robert Plant, it matters not.  A bare-chested long-haired blonde blues screamer in sandals is still rock and roll.  The sheer un-rock-ness of sandals combined with Robert Plant makes them infinitely rock and roll.

  1. Lady Gaga

You might not consider her very rock, but she did perform with Metallica.  Her outrageous footwear hasn’t caused her any broken ankles…yet.  Hiking in high heels?  Why not.  She’s done that.  In a Gaga world, anything goes.



  1. Elton John

Before there was Kiss, there was Elton John.  People remember the outfits, wigs and glasses, but don’t forget the silver platform kicks!



2. Chris Cornell

In honour of former customer Nancy who was obsessed with Cornell and his boots.  RIP Chris!




1. Gene Simmons

Dragon boots.  Enough said!




I had my own pair of goth platform boots in the Record Store days.  I remember I had them delivered right to the store, because I was never home to receive packages.  When they arrived one of the bosses asked “Where do you think you’re going to wear those?!”  Fuck you, that’s where!  The boots were the centerpiece of my Paul Stanley costume.

At work, running shoes were the most comfortable.  We were not allowed to sit, so you had to stand for your whole seven hour shift.  The first time, it takes a little getting used to.  After that you’re golden, but comfy kicks are the key.  Lady Gaga could not work a shift at the Record Store.

When I was hit with a 12 hour shift, which was more frequent than you might imagine, I discovered that changing your shoes halfway through the shift helped.  I’d bring a spare pair with me and change at the middle point of the day.  It helped with the pain and felt like a fresh burst of energy.

Today I have a pair of heavy steel-toed boots at work and they’re great for the leg muscles.  They are nice heavy shoes.  Walk around in those all day and you will build some pretty awesome leg muscles.  Not very rock and roll, but definitely heavy metal.


  1. Have to go with Kiss, there is no one cooler. For personal use in younger days went with Cornell look and these days it’s Plant. How about you?

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        1. Yes it was and the lip syncing was really bad, but the views were amazing. They need to remake that video with the same people and same outfits and I wonder if we would like it as much 30’years later??


  2. Great piece on shoes and now a days, I where similar ones to you most of the time. However, back in the 1980s, I used to wear Native American moccasin boots which wasn’t cool to do in 80s Reagan America. Needless to say, I got a lot of stick for it but after four years of having to wear combat boots and spit shined shoes that were only good for standing at attention in, I didn’t care.


  3. Great Paul Stanley cos! Shoes were big with me. I lived in my doc martens, much to my mom’s dismay. Yes to Percy and his sandals. He definitely got away with that successfully.

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  4. Shoes are always the hardest thing to chose when considering your rock and roll dress, which is why I have worn nothing but converse and flip lops since ’82, only two exceptions, I got married in a borrowed pair of dress shoes and I have crocs for kayaking as they float when I fall out. Of course in no way could I now or probably ever be considered rock and roll and the kids at work mock my shoes daily so it all works out, I think I have to get some of those fancy work boots now though.

    Rober Plant also managed to make paisley blouses look good and even pulled off the mullet so he has special powers that should be considered whenever looking at his sartorial elegance, that would look bad on anyone else.

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    1. I hear you on Crocs! I have two pair (camoflage colors!) and I love them. They are fantastic water shoes. I also wear a pair in the kitchen when cooking. Chef Mario Batali wears Crocs, always!

      You are so right about Plant’s mullet. Perhaps I should consider a post going forward specifically about mullets. I have done one on hats, and on rock star hair in general (including bald). So perhaps I should concentrate specifically on mullets. Plant absolutely needs a spot in that one.

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