#587: Jean’s Stormy Weekend Vinyl Tales (With Video)

GETTING MORE TALE #587: Jean’s Stormy Weekend Vinyl Tales

Another long weekend in Ontario has come and gone.  Yes, international friends, the first weekend of August is a long weekend for we Ontarians.  Despite a stormy start, it was just a lovely time.

Every holiday weekend needs its weekend music (unless your name is “1537” or some similar number).  The car trip commenced with the finish of a double live album called Black Masquerade by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.  This 1995 concert features Doogie White on lead vocals.  We enjoyed it as a contrast to the newer Live in Birmingham 2016 with Ronnie Romero singing, which had been in the car during the week.  On the whole, I think I prefer Romero to White in Rainbow, but that’s not an easy choice to make.  Both are very talented and charismatic frontmen, but with very different voices.

When Black Masquerade came to its natural closing point with “Smoke on the Water”, I switched the deck over to the new Styx.  Don’t be surprised if you see the new Styx album The Mission on many 2017 year-end lists.  It’s been a favourite of mine the past few weeks, and Mrs. LeBrain was very impressed herself.  “And this is their new album?” she asked, since it sounds straight out of the 1970s at times.

We got to the cottage Friday night.  A storm was blowing through.  It was too cold for funnel clouds to form, but as you will see in the video I put together, it was gale force weather.  And then the next day?  Completely calm.

Brand new video!

For weekend entertainment, I brought with me some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.  Thanks to Mr. BuriedOnMars, who has been reviewing the MCU films in order, I have been re-watching the early ones again.  This weekend I chose Iron Man 3 and The Avengers, because neither are on (Canadian) Netflix at the moment.  Both were enjoyable entertainment, but Iron Man 3 is just too gosh darn long and weakly plotted.  And of course there was more music to be heard.  Some friends down the road were partying to George Jones.  It reminded me of the old days when my Grandpa would have done the same but maybe with Kenny Rogers instead.

Mom and dad provided the meat for the weekend, and I did the cooking.  Jen did up her potatoes and I took care of the steaks.  On the holiday Monday, we hooked up with old buddy Peter and his sister Jo.  Regular readers may recall some of my adventures with Peter, particularly Getting More Tale #559:  Hotel Hobbies.  It was fantastic catching up with the two of them at the newly renovated Jean’s for breakfast.  Jean’s is bigger and just as busy.  It’s one of those reliable breakfast places that we have been going for years.  Still reliable!

Peter told me something at breakfast that did surprise me.  I noticed that the old Record Store in which I worked was now buying used vinyl again.  In the past, only Tom‘s store stocked used vinyl but times they-are-a-changin’.  Sadly Peter’s dad passed away late last year.  He had some old vinyl.  Not a lot, just about 20 records or so.  Pete’s dad would have had old German music, nothing of any particular monetary value.  Peter decided to give my old store a call to see if they’d take them off his hands.  What he was told was so strange:  He’d have to send them into the head office, and they’d take a look and get back to him within one month.

One month?  Peter took the old records to Value Village and dumped them there.

I don’t know what the story is with the one month thing.  Maybe they realized the records weren’t their thing and were trying to brush him off?  Seems a bizarre answer.

I’m sure if Peter’s dad somehow had any rare German Scorpions records, he would have let me know, as unlikely as that is!

Great to see old friends again.  After breakfast the weather was starting to turn rotten, so we made our way home.  And what a musical ride it was!  All of Deep Purple’s Purpendicular album.  All of Rush’s Moving Pictures.  Side one of the next album, Signals.  It was a smorgasbord of so called “smart-guy rock”!

Hopefully we’ll make it up a couple more times before the summer is over.  There are still quite a few new albums here at LeBrain HQ that need road trip testing.  Styx’s The Mission passed the road trip test, securing a big point in this year’s Best Album stakes.  To be continued….





  1. sounds like a lovely trip. Need to check out that Styx record. At the moment kid’s music dominates our road trips. Lately have been sneaking in radio at times.

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  2. Big STYX guy most of my life, saw them several times the first being Edge of the Century tour in 90 (91?). Never imagined I’d be so into a new record but really enjoying The Mission. Glad to see so many others are as well.

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  3. I’ve been to Jean’s. Do they still only serve 3 eggs?
    I always thought that was a waste. Also, not really healthy. Then they go on about how many eggs they cook. No wonder. Apparently the hens up there are busy.

    As for your old store. The record thing was a sticking point for me as well. Leaving records to go to the warehouse was a stupid idea. Also, early on they took in crap records that were overpriced. They have gotten better and at least Guelph and Waterloo will take records in and get back to you same day.
    I assume certain employees do it, and it may be luck of the draw if they are in. It used to go to “warehouse” and one person would check it.
    They probably had a ton of complaints about that and have ironed out the bugs a bit.
    They are also getting more selective and the stock has gotten better.

    Now I need to get more Rainbow and that new Styx. I tried finding it on clear vinyl but no dice. I might just get the black vinyl.

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    1. That sending LPs to head office is really stupid. You know this — I don’t trash what my old store does. I’ve been critical of decisions I was there for 10 and 20 years ago. I don’t trash what they do now.

      But that’s stupid.

      Tom was doing it right. Come in when he was working and he will look at your records. He had regular hours like all store managers. They need to train their managers to buy vinyl in store like Tom did.

      Oh well. I’m sure glad that’s not my problem.

      I’m not sure about the 3 eggs. I think it’s either that or the kid’s menu.


    1. As I mentioned on your excellent site, I’d like to go back and watch some of the special features like the shorts. I also missed Iron Man 2, because it’s on blu ray and I don’t have a blu ray player at the lake. So not quite in perfect order, but good enough to be comprehensible.

      Everybody, check out Buried on Mars’ site. He does blu ray reviews right down to the special features, just the way you like it.

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