R.I.P. “Fast” Eddie Clarke (1950-2018)

And then there were none.  “Fast” Eddie Clarke, the last original member of Motorhead, has passed to the great beyond at age 67, of pneumonia.

Our correspondent Uncle Meat is quoted as follows:  “Whatever people are calling heaven these days just got louder than everyone else.  RIP Fast Eddie…and hello to the reunion of the band that used to be here to kick your ass.”

The original Motorhead was decimated in recent years, with “Philthy Animal” Taylor and Lemmy both passing in late 2015.  Now the three are reunited, jamming again whilst Michael Jackson and George Michael plug their ears in agony.  Motorhead is dead — long live Motorhead!

“Fast” Eddie should be recognised almost as much for his notable band Fastway (with Pete Way of UFO).  Post-Motorhead, Fastway are often remembered as the band who did the soundtrack to Trick Or Treat in 1986.  1983’s Fastway and 1984’s All Fired Up were also notable entries in the genre.

It should be stated for the record, that “Fast” Eddie was far from “Heavy Metal Bullshit”. You will be reading more about “Heavy Metal Bullshit” in the months to come. “Fast” Eddie was old fashioned and greasy, able to groove with the baddest bass player on Earth. Listen to his playing on “Bomber”. It’s all meat and gravy, no fat.

Rest in peace “Fast” Eddie!


  1. Thinking of Motorhead brings me back to so many vivid memories that cant be forgotten. Surprisingly enough .. Motorhead reminds me of people.

    Scott Hunter and I at the Plumbers Picnic at Bingeman Park listening to a Chum radio simulcast of live Motorhead.

    Shayne MacDonald and i hearing the album Ace of Spades together for the first time and freaking out.

    Andy Bulman-Fleming teaching me the basic bass lines to Ace of Spades in a classroom in St. Davids, 20 minutes before going on stage, which would end up being the first time I ever played (sort of) any instrument on stage other than just singing.

    Reminds me of the first few Sausagefest years and how much I miss Raging Derek MacKinnon .

    After MANY (16 years) years of not playing music on stage … the first band i join back in 2008 is called Lost Johnny .. named after a Hawkwind/Motorhead song.

    That Motorhead is not in the ROF Hall of Fame makes me puke more in my mouth than ANY other snub. I hope they never get in and someone firebombs the shithole.


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      1. I’m sure there are dozens. Depends on the definition of “rock” and how well known they are. The Comets went on for a long time after the death of Bill Haley (for years, I didn’t get the pun, though it relies on mispronouncing the name of the 18th-century astronomer); are any still alive? The Contours? Most of the Doors are dead now.


      2. A related question: Which band with all the original members lasted the longest (perhaps even still going)? I suppose break-ups are allowed, as long as the band didn’t mutate into another formation before getting back the original. So ZZ Top comes to mind. Alternatively, the band going the longest with the same formation, e.g. Rush for more than 4 decades now.


        1. Try to think of more. We could only name these —

          Jimi Hendrix Experience

          I had Oak Ridge Boys for non rock bands. But focusing only on rock can you name more?


        2. Aerosmith used to brag about being the longest running band in the 90s. I don’t think that was ever true though. ZZ Top has them beat by at least a year and never stopped.


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