Sunday Chuckle: Bingo!

I hate Bingo.  I went with Jen a couple times.  Didn’t win anything, didn’t enjoy the game.  This is how I spent my time last time I played (photo courtesy of Scott):



      1. The manager told me one day as I was volunteering about a woman that told her she was hoping to win or else the family would not have grocery money.

        Also, the volunteers such as.myself are newbs. Some of the hardcore regulars try and pull fast ones to get extra bingo cards.
        Also the grumpy old ladies were the worst. They seemed pissed off at the world, and took it out on the volunteers.

        Lastly, we were told, if we were short on our count, the police would be called and we had to wait. I told my wife that we were leaving at the end, no matter what happened.
        Awful times. Maybe Jen had better experiences. It wasn’t my idea of fun on a Sunday morning though.

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        1. Since you came from retail, you know when someone is trying to scam you.
          Then they either A) blame you or B) act all innocent.

          I would have loved dealing with Jen’s grandma. Innocent mishaps I might even cover from my pocket, but hard core beotches trying to pull a fast one.
          Fuck that noise is right.

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