#639: Cancer Chronicles 8: Look Who’s Back!

Yes folks she’s back! She is home, resting comfortably now. We are celebrating by ordering in Chinese (and maybe sushi for me too). Jen will be watching her beloved Maple Leafs on our nice big screen.

Her strength at this time has been unbelievable. Every movement is pain but she made it back safe and sound. She gets even stronger daily. I can’t wait to see how she’s doing by this time next week. She should be making a full recovery in about six weeks, barring anything unexpected.

Of course, this is not necessarily the end of Cancer Chronicles. We will see Dr. Sugimoto in a couple weeks to go over test results and follow up on Jen’s recovery. Even with clean test results, she will be monitored for the next five years.

So, it’s not “over over”, but for now this battle is won. Fuck you cancer. You didn’t beat us this time. Just look at that face. Does that look like someone who’s been beaten? Not by a long shot. That’s one of the strongest faces I know.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support here in this rock and roll community. I have not have time to respond to anyone, but every message is read and cherished. You rock. And so does Jen!


        1. Boston’s not bad. But, Pizza Nova seems to be the best around here. Domino’s sauce is too sweet tasting. Pizzaville is cardboard, Little Greasers lives up to its name…We have a 2 for 1 here, haven’t tried that. Pizza Pizza is mass produced fodder.

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        2. My first time was in Brampton but Jen remembers the ORIGINAL Mandarin in Brampton, when it was still just one small restaurant! She has been loyal to them ever since.


  1. Great news for you and Jen! I’m glad for the both of you and for Jen’s sake, I hope the Maple Leafs win. Unless they’re playing the Flyers of course but I’ll be nice and let the Leafs lose in overtime. Great choice of song to celebrate with.

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      1. Nope. Senators in Ottawa. (The hated rivals)

        Just as a side note. They played the Flyers in Philly this week. Guess what?
        Flyers won 14 seconds into OT.

        Another note. It was Eric Lindross night. His jersey was raised to the rafters. (I would have thought that would have been done years ago.)
        The tv showed a bit with his wife and young boy skating with him on the ice earlier in the day. Nice family moment.
        I always liked him.

        Pet peeve time though. The tv did not show much of the ceremony. That always bugs me. I guess they want you to buy a ticket and go. But I bet fans like me would love to see it.

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  2. Keep up the fight there Mike & Jen. Love your attitudes!!
    The only way to beat that shit!!!
    Keep rolling with punches, keep smiling, cherish every day…..the sun will shine again.

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  3. Excellent news so glad to hear this news. I am a little envious I was in London much longer and It was hard being away from home. I did have Rob with me and he stuck to it. I could not have done it without him.

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