#S18-6: Sausagefest 2018 – The Video


    1. HAHAHAH. Meat told me I used it too much. However, my wife thinks it’s just the right amount. Plus in real life, Uncle Meat repeats things over and over again until you feel like choking him. So it’s actually quite realistic.

      Last night Jen said “If I hear ‘flavor flav flav’ one more time….”

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  1. Looks and sounds like a great time and it’s got me getting pumped for Bloodstock next month. I love the faces you pull around the eight minute mark and all the shots of burning flesh on the bbq.


  2. Fantastic piece of movie making. I hate to blow camp smoke up your bum but nice work. Great editing. The cuts and the coverage caught the vibe. The soundtrack should win some kind of award. I had a tear win my eye when it ended. I was there will you guys and gal. A railroad tie would go good on the fire.

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    1. Well gee thanks man! Tom himself told me it captured the “flavor flav” of Sausagefest. This is the vibe — and I miss it already. Sometimes I like to watch these videos in the winter time when I’m sad.

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