Sunday Chuckle: I had to pee real bad…

Coming home from TFCon, traffic was typical Toronto congestion.  Stop and go, stop and go.  Change lanes, stop.  Change lanes, go!  I had to pee real bad.

When we got back to my place, Jay stepped out of the truck for a smoke.  Jen came out to visit, and I still really had to pee bad.  I did the easiest thing possible: I snuck behind his truck and took a leak.  There was nobody around who could see me.

But then I heard a woman’s voice, and close by!  I looked to the left, to the right, and back again.  I kept hearing the woman’s voice and couldn’t figure out where she was, so I decided to cut myself off mid-stream.  Nobody likes doing that.  Not the greatest feeling in the world.

I heard the woman’s voice again, and then figured it out.  It was my cell phone.  I had butt-dialed my own voicemail and that was the automated voicemail talking to me.  At least I didn’t get busted peeing outside!



* The photo above was taken during the summer of 1990 and is just a water balloon!


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