Sunday Chuckle: Netflix & Chill

“Out of touch, out of reach yeah.” — Joe Elliott

I miss the days of things meaning what they’re supposed to mean.  I work with a bunch of people in their 20s and 30s.  These people do not speak English the way I do.  Two examples:

Them:  “So Mike what are you doing tonight?  Netflix & chill?”

Me:  “Yeah, probably, I have a lot of shows to catch up on.”

Them:  “HAHAHAH!  You think Netflix & chill means watching Netflix!”

Apparently I have been informed that “Neflix & chill” means “having sex”.

Here’s another.

Me:  “Boy am I ever thirsty.”

Them:  “HAHAHAH!  That means you’re horny!”

All I wanted was a Pepsi dammit!



  1. Wow, I never noticed until now. The dad in that Suicidal Tendencies video is Jack Nance, who was in a bunch of David Lynch’s stuff. Blue Velvet, Dune, Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway, etc. The more you know! Don’t know why he wanted a Pepsi. A cool drink of water is even more refreshing, and it won’t give you diabetes.

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    1. Point A) Yes! Holy cow good spotting. Jack Nance was in this video? Wow! He was hilarious too.
      Point B) Also correct. Uncle Meat may say that Pepsi “cuts clean through”, I say water is better for ya.


  2. I’m for Pepsi too. And not the lite stuff either. Give me sugar version, but these days my intake is probably only 1 or 2 Pepsi’s a month. I work with 20 year old’s too and keep surprising them by actually having a clue when they ask me if I know this or that current artist.


      1. My bad. I was listening to Spagetti incident and found your review and somewhere it said that you’ll be re-reviewing Illusions. I really dig Spagetti Incident.


  3. The funniest part is that they said that thirsty means horny, horny itself already being slang anyway. These dang youth these days just keep making new words just so people don’t know what they are saying.


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