Sunday Chuckle: The stuff you find at Honest Ed’s

The photo below is an old one, from one of the Mike and Aaron Go to Toronto excursions.  Honest Ed’s (R.I.P.) was a huge place with lots of weird stuff.  Here’s one below.  Ever needed a “butt head” for your home?


    1. I remember my sis had an old boyfriend. A cheap SOB, this guy. In the days before Aaron, I did an original Taranna trip with T-Rev, my sis, and this boyfriend guy who T-Rev nicknamed Gomer. He dragged us all over that city looking for “cheap batteries” because the ones at Honest Ed’s weren’t cheap enough. We wanted to strangle him!

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      1. 2 scenario’s if I was driving Gomer.

        1) That’s awesome that you saved 50 cents on batteries. However since we drove all over looking for them you owe an extra 10 bucks.

        2) “You go get those batteries. We will wait out here in the car.”
        10 seconds later off to KW without Gomer.


  1. I always pass that place on the way to BMV books.
    I went there once with my family and it reminded me a bit of HiWay Market. Weird stuff. Different levels.
    Too crowded and loud for my liking though.

    Uhhhh huhhh huhhh. Uhhhhh huhhhh huhhhh ( in my best Butthead impression)

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