#454: VIDEO – Mike and Aaron Go to Toronto Again…Again!


“Are you filming right now?”

GETTING MORE TALE #454: Mike and Aaron Go to Toronto Again…Again! The Video!

Thanks to Aaron for the musical soundtrack, and thanks to the stores for the many music discs!


Full detailed purchases can be found here, and here.


  1. Looks like a great trip! I made it just past your lunch — excellent selections, by the way — and the video stopped and I can’t get it going again. I’m sure it’s an issue with my phone so I’ll try again later.

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  2. Dude, I say this every year and I say it again: fantastic video! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. You definitely have the knack for it, you really capture the fun of the day.

    Here’s to next year!!!

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    1. No sir thank you for driving, for the cool shit, the good times…

      Next year will be year 5. We might have to do something special. J wants us to visit the psychic next door.


  3. I now need to add BMV to my list of stores to check out. I’ve never been there and it looks very promising.
    I especially love all of the books you both got. Lots of good reading.
    Mike, I think you should have bought that signed copy of Fozzy.
    That one cd, I think it was called Strong Bad Signs had artwork that reminds me of stuff you posted from your high school days. Maybe that band owes you some royalties.
    I am jealous over that Rainbow 12″.
    Nice scores, good video and I’m glad you guys had fun.

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        1. Yeah, th eofficial request is that I notify them I’m coming to the city well in advance, so they can get the good clean people off the streets that day. But this time I forgot, so I was trying to fly under the radar.

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    1. Not so much Jay! BUT…I drew some stares on our first trip to TO four years ago. I was ranting about how much HMV sucks and you can kinda see people reacting in the video:


  4. This looks like a hoot. Musics and friends. That’s what it’s all about. Though I’m disappointed you didn’t visit the psychic. That woukd have made for a good wee segment. Next time?

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  5. Hahaha….awesome video and trip fella’s! I laughed at the namedrop of Moi in the Popoff section of the video! Guess what boys I reviewed that book earlier this year when my cool wife bought it for me at Christmas of last year!
    I think I posted pics with some of your names under it…..
    I really enjoyed that somber like guitar at the beginning…cool job Mikey!


  6. Great job on the video, Mike! (I was able to play it through) You two are expert music shoppers! That promo Steve Earle looks particularly interesting and I like the Headstones, Emmylou Harris and Wynton Marsalis choices.
    I agree that something extra-special should take place for Year 5 and I’ll second J’s request that you visit the psychic next door.

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    1. Thank you Danica! I think we will HAVE to do something special for year 5. I have no problem visiting the psychic. It’s Aaron that will take convincing. I suggest we all start bugging him about it!

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