Sunday Chuckle: It’s Patrick, he took out life insurance!

Surely, Canadians of a certain age remember this ad from the 1990s! I found this ad on one of my tapes, when I was recording a CBC show called Ear to the Ground. It was a special on Bob Rock’s band Rockhead, that I hope copyright law will allow me to post in full.

Enjoy this routine phone call between Patrick and his parents, about life insurance.


  1. Paul MacLeod used to joke riff on this commercial on stage ….. Something like this … Phone rings …….. Man picks up. His son is frantic on the phone speaking faster than a salesman on coke.and for some reason needs to tell his Dad he took out life insurance… as fast as possible. Go back to that commercial and try to insert in exactly what he must have said to get that all in ….. it aint possible. Classic. ….

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  2. Haha. Magic. If only all sons were thoughtful enough to call their parents about a great Life Insurance deal. The mother must be sitting there thinking “I see that boy of ours is in the insurance game now”.

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