NEWS: Canadian Supergroup SNOWSHOE Reunite in the Ring at Deke’s Palace

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      1. I love Norm. I’m not going to argue about that Canada’s greatest contribution thing. You could be right. Uncle Meat might be one to agree with you. He loves Norm.


        1. I watched a video recently on how they used to make cassettes. Fascinating stuff. They would run a “batch tape” off the original masters. Those tapes are on an infinite loop and they run at ridiculously high speeds. They dub that onto another tape, over and over and over again on infinite loop. Then when that tape is full, it gets chopped up into sections and put in cassettes.

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  1. Long live Snowshoe! I heard the food at Deke’s Place is awesome.

    Furiously Slapping Hands is the new album title.

    You did well to get that Gord Murphy quote. Don’t tell Rugger Ruggedson how you found him.

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    1. Weird thing. We sent Mean Gene Lavigne to get the Gord quote. He emailed us the quote and we havent heard from him since. It’s been two weeks. Should we be worried?


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