VHS Archives #64: Kingdom Come interview (1989)

Michael Williams hosted the Pepsi Power Hour this time and got to interview Lenny Wolf and James Kottak of Kingdom Come.  He asks them about working with Bob Rock, their upcoming tour, the Zeppelin comparisons and all the stuff you want to know about.  Lenny also brings up Stone Fury.  Includes “The Making of the Making of” the video for “Do You Like It”.

Check out Lenny and James with Michael Williams on MuchMusic.



    1. No but this particular video, they kept banning! So I posted here on WP instead , using my own storage that I paid for. Can’t understand why YouTube took it down. The song they flagged isn’t even in here.

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      1. It all depends on the copyright holder. They may just decide to run ads on your video, mute the audio, or have it pulled down. There are other sites you can try for hosting video. Daily Motion is fairly lax with copyright material. I used to watch full episodes of Dr. Who on it.

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