WTF Comments: Disqualified Forever edition

All I ever wanted to do is write rock reviews!  But I can’t anymore, because I’ve been “Disqualified Forever” by “WASPfan”…at least as far as Motley Crue goes.  This is a real shame since I haven’t reviewed Dr. Feelgood yet.  I guess now I never will?

What got me disqualified?  My review of Motley Crue’s awesome 1994 album with John Corabi.  WASPfan prefers Vince Neil’s solo debut Exposed, which is fine since it’s also a great album.  My scores for both are only half a star apart.  Read on!

You have got to be kidding me! Vince Neil/Exposed was a much better album than Motley Crue/Motley Crue. I’ve owned this album for 20 years and have yet to be able to get through it in one listen. Is there some good music, yes. But you can almost hear the impersonation of Vince Neil the way certain songs are sung.

Dude, Vince Neil couldn’t sing the way Corabi sings on Motley Crue if he had a voice transplant.  There is simply no comparison between the two singers, at all.  Apples and oranges!

I have always thought the Crue should re-record this with Vince on vocals, just to show people what could have been. Motley Crue thought they could pull a Van Halen, and the fact is they couldn’t. They got a singer who’s defining moment in Metal History will be failing at replacing Vince Neil, and this comes from someone who owned, and loved, The Scream album before Corabi ever joined the Crue.

Hey man, be nice.  Corabi was also in Ratt.

If Corabi had “it” he wouldn’t be on tour right now with the gimic [sic] of singing the Motley Crue/Motley Crue album from start to finish. He’d be headlining in his own band, singing his own songs. This album, while good musically, barely rates 3 out of 5 stars. To put Theatre of Pain and Girls, Girls, Girls below this album should disqualify your opinion on all things Motley now and forever.

Now that I have been disqualified, I plan on taking up a new hobby.  Visit me here for all the latest on nude cycling, coming soon!


  1. Don’t worry Mike, you can still write because he invalidated his opinion right out of the gate by rating “Theatre of Diarrhea” above any album in the history of mankind.

    “Theatre of Diarrhea” Track listing

    1. Shitty Boy Blues
    2. Shitting in the Boys’ Room
    3. Browner Than Hell
    4. Keep Your Brown Eye on the Crapper
    5. Aroma Sour Aroma
    6. Toilet (We Need An Enema)
    7. Smelt It Or Dealt It
    8. Stain Our Bowl
    9. Drop Your Pants to Shit
    10. Flush After You Wipe

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      1. I know I’m kind of an anomaly when it comes to Generation Swine among Crüe fans cuz I actually like that album.
        Theatre Of Pain? Well, it’s hardly a great record but it do contain some really good songs. City Boy Blues, Louder Than Hell, Tonight and Home Sweet Home are all stellar songs and Smokin’ In The Boys Room is a good enough cover in my book. The rest I can do without.
        I think Girls Girls Girls are just as weak, though.

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        1. There’s some stuff on YouTube.
          Also, I found a bootleg online years ago, recorded in Japan and vocally, Corabli deliver the goods on that one. The old stuff sounds amazing with him singing.

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  2. You got a live one there, Mike. As someone who doesn’t like Crue at all, the Corabi album is the only one I would bother with. I reckon that live LP was really good.

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