VHS Archives #75: The craziest Iron Maiden interview you’ll ever see (1988)

Bruce Dickinson is extra naughty and caffeinated here with bandmate Dave Murray and Power Hour host Erica Ehm!

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son was brand new and the music video hadn’t even come out yet.  Bruce and Dave discuss:

  • The concept
  • The video
  • Lucifer
  • Whether Deep Purple are good football players or not
  • Recording
  • Bruce’s forthcoming book The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace
  • Going folk?

This hilarious interview is a must-watch for Maiden fans worldwide.



    1. No, the photo is just the interview. LeBrain is a talented reader of facial expressions if he’s able to get all that out of one photo.


        1. Thanks, although I have seen this one elsewhere before. It’s still a great interview though.


        2. All right then, here’s something ridiculous you haven’t seen. I doubt even LeBrain knows these guys. They were from Minneapolis, even won some metal award at the MMA’s in 1986. Prince was there being awarded too. Not their best song, but a catchy outrageous single. Their guitar player David Hussman was the coolest guy ever. Unfortunately he passed away from cancer last year. I talked to him multiple times, he was the best to his fans. Great guy.

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        3. I might have a Slave Raider album here somewhere. I think their first one.

          I like the vocals (almost Dubrow like) and the guitar work.

          The background chants and the drumming on that song aren’t the best though.


        4. I have their first album “Take the World by Storm” on vinyl and tape, and their second “What Do You Know About Rock ‘N Roll?” on CD. An original unremastered copy of their first album is probably my #1 most wanted CD ever. Their first album actually came out on an indie label in 1986, and then they re-recorded/remixed it for their major label for wide release in 1988. It’s one instance where I think the redone version far surpasses the original. I’ve wanted that CD for years and years, but I refuse to pay $100.

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        5. So I just read a change.org petition to get the Slave Raider albums re-issued. The record company then did that for the fans. That is really cool.


  1. I had a crush on Erica Ehm. Then she went on to some yummy mummy show and I peaced out.

    I think if I had been in the studio with both her and Iron Maiden in 1988 the producer would have yelled “Houston, we have a problem.”


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