Sunday Chuckle: “Sesame Street” by Joy in Blue

In Record Store Tales #733, I revealed the name I wished to use if I ever got good enough to have a band:  Joy in Blue.  This week, I discovered lost recordings of the very first incarnation of the band.  At least that is how I billed it on the cassette that I found.

There were three of us in my parents’ basement that day in ’92.  Tim Solie on ukulele.  A guy named Aaron (but not this Aaron or that Aaron) on electric guitar.  Me on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.  My biggest influences on this song are James Hetfield and Mike Patton, and I think you can hear that.

Please enjoy:

“(Can You Tell Me How to Get To) Sesame Street” (take two)
Written by Joe Raposo and performed by Mike, Tim & Aaron.

I was going to save it for my box set, but I’ll let you hear it for free.



  1. That got really good around the 1:43 mark.


    Your vocals had an angry punk feel, and the plinking instruments were sort of happy sounding. Opposites attract I guess.
    Too bad you and Oscar never did a single together. It could have been a smash hit.

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  2. Yup – I could hear the influence of those two. At first I thought it was all a bit twee and then I thought “what the fuck!?!” Well played. I loved it.


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