The Video: Sausagefest 2019

A labour of love brought to us every year with blood, sweat, years and possibly other bodily fluids: It’s Sausagefest!

New wrinkles this year include a water proof camera for those aquatic shots. Look for a guest appearance by legendary rock star Max the Axe (he’s kind of a big deal).

The Countdown this year included a number of favourites; see if you can pick ’em out in the video.

Oh, there are stories too. Max the Axe ordering two and half eggs at the Spatula. Uncle Meat trapped trying to escape a collapsed tent; a brutal trick by his “friends”. Also the first time I may genuinely peed myself laughing. These stories will be shared when the mind and body have had time to heal. There was also a UFO sighting at 3:30 am Saturday morning.

Thanks Erik Woods, Jason Drury, and Dave Jutzi for your help with my recordings this year!

This is what we do with our rock and roll vacation.


  1. Best opening 10 seconds ever I have witnessed on a video before! HAHA! Classic!
    That’s, the advantage of somedays getting up at 5, being as I can watch this 22-minute recap of what looked like a really fantastic time!
    Slick move to feature a lot of Max the Axe’s tunes! Great call!
    Nice to see the weather cooperate as well!
    Win Win Weekend for everyone at Sausagefest!​

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  2. Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner, nice. Always love me some Somewhere in Time. And Trashed, awesome. Women in Uniform is appreciated too.

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    1. Pardon me, did you happen to mention the words “Long” and “Distance”? Iron Maiden rule, but it’s obligatory Yes worship time.

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    1. I’m not a City & Colour fan myself, but I have a couple friends who really like them, and I respect their taste in other regards…so I let it pass.

      The Habs shirt? Fuck the Habs!!


      1. It’s on my bucket list, man. We’re gonna look at a Canadialand holiday at some point, so, y’know, maybe some day it’ll pan out…


  3. I watched all 22 minutes and 15 seconds of your film making skills. Is the opening song by Max? I liked that one a lot. You set all sorts of cravings in motion for CB after watching that. I think I’ll head out one one of those breakfasts this weekend. Keep the tradition going. See you at 2020.

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