VHS Archives #82: Tony Iommi & Cozy Powell talk Headless Cross on the Power Hour (1989)

Michael Williams asks some tough questions of Tony Iommi including “Why carry on as Black Sabbath?”  You have to remember that in 1989, Black Sabbath was considered irrelevant.  Ozzy was all the rage, leaving Sabbath in the dust far behind.

Other topics discussed:

  • The Live Aid reunion with Ozzy
  • Satanism in Sabbath music or lack thereof
  • “Heavy metal”
  • Rap artists (Sir Mix-A-Lot) sampling and covering Black Sabbath
  • Tony’s favourite version of Black Sabbath

What do you think of Tony and Cozy’s answers?

Then, stay tuned for another separate bonus interview taken from a CNN report!



  1. I remember this down period of metal. Iron Maiden with Blaze toured in small venues. Before I forget Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Thank u for keeping the readers well informed on many topics on metal music. It’s been a blast reading your blog. Have a great Christmas and may your days be Merry and presents plentiful!

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    1. Thank you KK and I hope you have the Happiest of Christmases with lots of music. I’ll have the usual year-end lists coming soon. And it’s funny you should mention Blaze, because that’s tomorrow! Last one before Christmas.


  2. Williams was a great interviewer. His one with Roth from early 91 is my fav as Micheal kept the questions flowing smoothly while Dave was Dave.
    Man, I miss Cozy. Was listening to the demos from Slide it In last night

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  3. I always enjoy hearing Tony Iommi speak, he’s a smart guy, for a rocker…not a heavy metal knucklehead. Hey if he can count Frank Zappa as a friend he’s all right by me.

    Did you catch the clip at the very of the Gillan period. Bev Bevan on drums. Vintage.

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    1. Not to mention he’s tight with Brian May, and that carries a lot of water. He’s a very musical guy and I think music is #1 for Tony Iommi.

      Love that Bev was in the band for a little while! There’s live stuff available with him on it….


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