VHS Archives #83: David Lee Roth in Paradise (1988)

Due to popular vote here’s David Lee Roth in the first VHS Archive of 2020!  This interview — jeez louise! — goes back 32 years.  DLR was promoting Skyscraper and was lobbed a few softball questions by rookie Steve Anthony of MuchMusic (at least in comparison to his 1991 interview with Denise Donlon, link below).

Enjoy a little live footage from the Skyscraper tour and Roth’s thoughts on success and his history.

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#23: David Lee Roth grilled by MuchMusic (1991)
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  1. Hijinx, intrigue, action, drama… I love this guy. He’s a bit like Iggy Pop… very smart but plays a character and his is the effervescent entertainer. I love him.

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      1. Ive only been a fan for about 5 or 6 years, but it’s been clear that he gives very little away. That first interview you posted got close, cause she was insisting on trying to get more from him, but I think he likes keeping his life away from the light.

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        1. His book revealed very little too. There have always been those rumours that DLR is gay, probably because that’s an assumption people in the 80s and 90s made because nobody knew anything about his personal life.

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  2. When I’ve seen him in other interviews, he sometimes comes off as a bit of a jerk, but not here. Well done Dave. The weird thing is that I could see him pulling off the George Michael look.


  3. I saw this tour. Only thing I remember is Dave surfing over the crowd with a surfboard. Got the t-shirt too.Loved the ep and the first 2 solo albums.

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    1. YES! Funny KK, that is exactly what somebody else said to me two weeks ago. That they remember Dave on a surfboard. My friend Dave McKay mentioned that at Christmas dinner.


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