Sunday Chuckle: Adventures in Customer Courtesy

I found this old VHS tape in the stockroom at work a long time ago, and forgot about it.  Fortunately, Facebook remembers!  You gotta admit, the cover is hilarious.



        1. I have zero interest. I’ve seen all of those bands many times. I have no interest in seeing Vince or Poison again. Maybe Joan. I would see Def Leppard again but not on this tour.

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        2. No not all. The only band I have any interest in leaving this city for is Iron Maiden. They are worth it.
          I like Leppard, Crue I last seen back in 90. I’d like to keep that memory intact haha.
          A girl I work with is going to Minneapolis to see it. She paid $225 each for two tickets. Upper Deck, No thanks.


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