VHS Archives #88: Motley Crue’s Vince Neil – Back in Vancouver again with TDM (1990)

It’s a clean, sober and healthy looking Vince Neil!  Once again, MuchMusic had Terry David Mulligan with all the hot questions.  This chat includes a surprise announcement of Motley’s next album Decade of Decadence.

TDM raises the following subjects:

  • What does Bob Rock bring to the Crue?
  • How will the Crue celebrate its 10th anniversary?
  • Thoughts on the next 10 years
  • Music of the 80s
  • “In 18 months there won’t be 20 teenagers left in America that would be caught dead listening to Motley Crue.” – Creem magazine
  • French women

Check it out!


      1. I still recall Tbone hollering at me before Crue came back for there encore on that tour that the Crue hadn’t played any ballads up to that point in the show. It was jsut one blast after another.
        Great show man…


    1. Thanks man. All this week, all the videos came from a single stretch of tape done in the summer of 1990! I popped in the tape last weekend and realized, “Holy shit, I haven’t recorded any of these yet.” So I got to work and they were so good I wanted to post them right away. I have lots of other videos I recorded about a year ago, but some aren’t very good, and others just haven’t inspired me. Others still are kind of complex to edit. But this batch is great. I’m working on a tape from late 91 to early 92 now and it’s amazing how much great stuff there is from that era. The return of Kiss, Van Halen, Queen…

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  1. Great video! I’m dying for a reissue of Decade of Decadence. I forgot about Teaser and Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie being on there… but I always loved Angela, and Primal Scream (although I’m not sure how Angela holds up, haven’t heard it in nearly 30 years I guess).

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    1. Hey Joel! Yes, I think it’s a real shame that Decade isn’t in print. I consider it a Motley album, just like any other. An important part of the discography. I have a Japanese import with two live bonus tracks. They should really do that for a reissue! Thanks for the comment.


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