VHS Archives #89: Doug! Ty! Jerry! It’s King’s X with some Faith Hope Love! (1991)

The late, amicable Dan Gallagher was always enthusiastic about every band he interviewed.  He drew a good interview out of King’s X, and asked some deeper questions that got the band thinking.  You’ll also see some live footage from the Faith Hope Love tour.

Subjects covered:

  • What is King’s X?
  • What does Faith Hope Love mean?
  • How much does Ty hate making music videos?
  • Spirituality in music — does it belong?

I really love Jerry’s answer on that question.




Thanks for hanging this week for a whole lot of old VHS clips.  Winter is the perfect time to work on projects like this!



  1. Cool. I was thinking of starting a King’s X tribute band called Let’s Put the Kings in X.

    My back hurts something fierce. In fact my tummy and everything around it feels odd too after that long walk/jog to the post office on Wednesday. Somethin’s fucky. Can’t go to the doctor though. Because it’s America, and I’d rather croak than pay $6,000 for them to tell me to rest and drink fluids.

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    1. Let’s Put the Kings in X is a BRILLIANT name. I fear nobody can be Dug though.

      I had tummy issues earlier this week too. Barfed at 2 am Tuesday night. You might have something wrong with a disc though. I don’t know what options you have. Back massage? Cheaper than a doctor visit and they might be able to tell you if they feel something off.


      1. Well it feels almost back to 100% today. I know it wasn’t a disc issue because it was my left side that hurt. More in the muscle. Don’t know.

        I haven’t barfed since November 2018. Hoping I never do again.

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        1. Studio Series Shockwave and (when they release) Studio Series Sentinel Prime and Blitzwing.

          There’s a bit of a story to this though. Back in January Shockwave was released, sometime later the Amazon US listing was available for purchase in Oz, but that’s a direct exchange (+10 AUD on top of that for some stupid reason), so $85 AUD plus about 10 shipping. So I waited. Now just this week an Amazon AU listing for him was put up, but it’s still out of stock and costs $90 AUD! Now given that the standard leader class price point for Oz is $70 AUD, and Shockwave isn’t the biggest leader, I’m a bit miffed


  2. It has been a good kind of week for VHS to YouTube conversions – and thank you for reminding me!

    I meant to send this to you & Jen: there’s a great YouTube channel that puts up full vintage hockey games (Serg 72).

    This week they posted Game 3 of the San Jose / Toronto series from 1994. It’s the US feed (and I think the Jen / Cherry clip might have been from the CBC version of Game 4?) – but she may still enjoy it, it’s been great to have on in the background this week while doing the dishes!


  3. Wore my Faith Hope Love t-shirt to shreds back in the day. Also remember wearing my King’s X baseball cut shirt a lot too. It was my alltime favorite band shirt. A white shirt with the guys standing around Dug wearing that Adam Ant kinda jacket.

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