LeBrain’s Covid-19 Message

A humorous but important message regarding the current pandemic.


  1. I was on an eleven mile walk today and this was the song that was revolving around my brain as I waded through the empty rural streets of my state.

    I’m not hoarding TP, even though I need it for my bunghole. Are you sick Harrison?

    My daily grind has been suspended until March 30th, and will remain online until just after my b-day. So I’m stuck inside until then! Can I write a few guest shots? I feel like the process would keep me from going… totally insane.


    1. Sick? No. I had a cold last week but that has cleared up. There is also sufficient toilet paper at my place for the time being.


  2. My favourite 3 things about this video were…

    1- U screeching Voi Vod at a falsetto like range

    2- Calling your self out on the Transformers

    3- Touching your face and calling yourself out on it! lol

    Best video I have seen in weeks!

    Thanks man,


  3. That was great Mike! I can’t believe you touched your face! What were you thinking?????

    The whole TP thing is a mystery. I so don’t get it. We were down to a half a pack two weeks ago so I picked up a pack of 9 rolls. We still haven’t touched it and I live with 3 women. People don’t need that much TP obviously.

    Way to lift the spirits with the video. Keep ’em coming.


  4. My wife has always been OCD about toilet paper so we’ll get by. But she would never fill the shopping cart full of the stuff. Great lighthearted take on the current situation.


  5. Transformers are essentials, right? ‘Cause I get those from Amazon. Also, was thinking of maybe doing another guest review (if you’ll let me). Just depends on what Holen is doing and how long it’s been since my last


  6. So u guys are homebound? I’m still at work…Wish I could say I’ve just started building my fortress of TP. Made from Hello Kitty Kiss TP? Wouldn’t that be cool. I think the paper is kinda ruff though. But at least Voivod rules! I don’t have transformers but I have a mini toy of the Rock to keep me company.

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    1. I am still at work until further notice. It’s very quiet and very clean here now. Whole place smells of bleach. They are taking this very seriously.

      I hope my old CD store is shut down. For the sake of the staff. Nobody should be forced to buy and sell used goods right now.


  7. I think my local record dealer is still open. I’ve been ordering bunch of stuff online and should go and pick ’em up. They were interviewed by local newspaper in an article about fewer customers.


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