#822: Record Store Daze – Gallery #6

As time goes on, old photos are more and more fun to dig up.

This batch dates back to 2004-2005.

First up, I have a feeling a marillion.com order came in!  I was one of thousands who pre-ordered the double Marbles album and got my name in the credits.  In the following picture it’s the singles for “You’re Gone”!  Two CDs and a (UK) DVD.  I had to have them all even though I couldn’t play the DVD back in 2004.


Ahh, this is a good one.  Sarge from Metal Fatigue in Bournemouth, England was visiting his friends The Legendary Klopeks in Canada.  That’s Josh “Sweet Pepper” Klopek holding my hand.  Hey man, I’ll take any support I can get when a bald British dude is shoving a needle through my flesh.  Sarge did the piercing in my home, the first and only time I have had such a comfortable piercing experience!  Josh has a black eye because of the onstage punishment he took nightly.

These two photos were taken with cardboard standees with webcams, but for the time, they looked pretty good.

Just some goofing around.  I was doing some live streaming, it looks like.  And the Wheaties box may have been done by Sarge!



Finally, these last two pictures are really special.  They were taken the day before I met Jen.  It’s strange that they are the only ones timestamped.  But I would have known the date regardless.  The Bob Marley and Slash shirts are obviously new (you can see the tag) and I bought those shirts the day before I met my wife.  I bought them at St. Jacob’s farmer’s market, on a date with another girl.  It was memorable because it didn’t go well.  She was really hurrying me along when I was looking at shirts.  I knew it wasn’t going to work out.  The next day I met Jen.  She wrote about her side of it in Getting More Tale #434:  The Man in the Bob Marley Shirt.  If I had chosen the other shirt to wear that day, maybe the story would have been called The Man in the Slash Shirt!



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    1. Well, I was a wanna-be, so that’s right on the money! I was just talking about this on my live stream on the weekend. I had Dexter Holland wanna-be hair at one point.


      1. HAHA oh man, being somebody that grew up around LA skate culture in the 90s you weren’t the only one, I spiked my hair in elementary school with this color gel to give a highlight look. It uh, did not go well.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I disagree with your wife on that one story about your meeting in person. Wendy’s is not the bottom of the burger barrel. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Sonic are all worse. Backyard Burger and Culver’s are both a step up. The best burger I’ve ever had in my life was at a local flea market restaurant downtown. Holy fuck was that delicious, and huge. Five Guys is my number one burger as far as franchises go though, and their fries are fantastic and fresh.

    Of course you guys are in Canada. Could be different up there. I’m not sure how many of those places you have outside of the real heavy hitters, and maybe Canadian Wendy’s sucks? I always liked their burgers, and considered them the best of the cheapies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Canadian Wendy’s is too greasy for me. The buns are greasy. But I have been very sour on fast food burgers lately. I think it’s a case of having too much. I can currently really only handle Burger King and McDonalds.


  2. Marbles still holds up and forever will! I’ve got my name in there too (Gray Ebbrell) and I remember the day my copy arrived. I played the thing quite a few times that day, which is pretty good for a double album. I emailed the group to tell them how fantastic it was.
    I’ve still got the Marbles car sticker in the back window of the Silver Machine outside…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right on! We are Marbles brothers!

      I emailed them as well! Isn’t that funny! I said in my email that they have made the best double album since The Wall, and I still think that is probably true!


      1. First thing I did when I first read a post about Marbles on here was to check to see if I could find your name in the credits… There you were!
        Yep, I think I agree on the double-album opinion… In fact, I’m going to put it on whilst I work today and remind myself why.

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