Covideo 6: You spoke, we listened!

THANK YOU for your valuable feedback! Let’s talk live streaming!


  1. “we”? Who’s we? Is that the crazy surprise? Is Lebrain doing a collaboration? Probably not in these times.

    Also, I might be able to think of some neat discussion points >:)…


      1. Most are Maiden related because, well, it’s me-

        Most overrated Maiden album
        Which song from Number of the Beast should have been the b-side to Run to the Hills
        Rainbow VS Deep Purple

        are a couple i can think of off the top of my head

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        1. Invaders isn’t good enough to be a B-side. It shouldn’t exist. I like it up to the stupid chorus that ruins everything.

          I like Gangland a lot, especially in the context of the album. Provides a nice pace change. A speedy tune after the hit and before the epic. Total Eclipse is cool too.

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        2. Dunno really. Drums are the things i pay attention to least when i’m listening so it really doesn’t matter for me. Nicko’s just a more interesting guy so I’d pick him. Plus he’s on more records and because of Where Eagles Dare. (I just remembered, you’re a drummer aren’t you? Oops, I think I just accidentally said I don’t care about your trade). Fear not, I like a drum solo done properly (Tommy Clufetos) but they’re not my focus when listening

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        3. Clive just plays with more fire. He came up with the kickass intros to “Gangland” “Run to the Hills” and made a beat as simple as the intro to “The Prisoner” sound interesting. He demolished that hi-hat whereas Nicko sticks to the ride cymbal. “Another LIfe”, “Running Free”, his groove on “Wrathchild”, Clive made the most of the three albums he was on.

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        4. I actually think Run to the Hills is overrated. Granted yes, Clive is more frenetic and fiery and Nicko is much more methodical, for lack of a better term. Both have their pros and cons, but I would like to say that I actively dislike the drumming on Iron Maiden (the song). It’s just THUMP THUMp THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP constantly and at break neck pace. The Soundhouse Tapes version is much better

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        5. I think Nicko can probably play some crazy stuff that Clive in his prime would have to figure out, but Bruce always said Clive was the best drummer Maiden ever had. Fire.


        6. I play other instruments too (keyboards, xylophone, trumpet) and I sing, so I’m not offended by your drummer remarks. To expand, with Clive behind the kit Maiden sounded hungry. Like they were ready to demolish worlds because of the frenetic energy Burr had behind the kit. He was the conductor. It’s obvious, because Nicko doesn’t have 1/10 that energy. He sounds his best on Piece of Mind, but after that they sound much more complacent in their quest for metal dominance. Another reason the Di’Anno records are the best. If the songwriting on TNOTB was more consistent, it would be their best. It’s got Bruce Bruce and it sounds more pissed and driven than anything that would come after. Unfortunately it’s also got Invaders and a few other songs that don’t exactly cut the mustard with as much consistency as say Powerslave. Piece of Mind would be totally bulletproof if it wasn’t for “Quest for Fire”. That song sucks, but the rest of the record is perfect.

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        7. No no no no no no, Piece of Mind would not be totally bulletproof without “Quest For Fire”. I don’t actually mind it, lyrics aside. “Sun and Steel”, on the other hand, is absolutely atrocious. God-awful. “To Tame a Land” is alright but hardly the best Maiden epic. And “Die With Your Boots On” is a bit iffy too. I think I prefer it as an instrumental

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        8. Pshaw! “Sun and Steel” fucking rocks! Melodic metal mayhem. “To Tame A Land” definitely is not the best Maiden epic, but it’s not awful. I don’t have a problem with “Boots” at all. You’re a silly man! “Quest for Fire” is a plodding piece of doggy doo doo! Scientifically inaccurate lyrics about dinosaurs.

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        9. No no no. “Sun and Steel” is the doo doo one. Shitty overharmonised shitty chorus. Lame riff. Vocals are nothing special and lyrics don’t do anything for me. (It’s not as bad as “Tailgunner” though)

          As for Boots. It starts out so so awesome in the opening seconds until the singing starts. Verses are kinda rocking but the “No point asking” bits are just so buzzkilling and the chorus is just bad and aimless, especially the backing vocals that lead up to it. Plurgh!

          Never said “To Tame a Land” was bad, just not as good as some of the others.

          “Quest for Fire” has a cool intro and a nice bounce to the verses and a great chorus, especially compared to “Sun and Steel”

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        10. And the best Maiden is Killers! LeBrain may not think so, but he did give Piece of Mind a 5/5 and praised both Boots and To Tame A Land. So farts!

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        11. Killers was a good album to me. it was one of my first Maiden albums and it blew me away then, but it didn’t have the longevity of some of the others. It still rocks great but I don’t find myself reaching for it often.

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        12. Killers doesn’t have the same longevity?!

          I respect your opinion, but I disagree. Love that you love Somewhere in Time though. Good man!

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        13. My take-
          Most overrated Maiden- Piece of Mind
          B-side- Invaders
          It’s a tough one, real tough, but probably Rainbow


        14. He has no say in presents. I control the XV-82. (the chip in his cerebellum)

          Sun and Steel, Quest for Fire — the two weakest songs on a stunning album that I rock out to JUST AS HARD in the car every time.


    1. Actually the “crazy surprise” does involve a “we” though I was just speaking the third person. “The royal we”.

      Not a collaboration though I’d love to be able to get multiple people on a stream, I just don’t know how. LOL

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