Friday Live Streamin’ – 5:00 PM E.S.T – Here comes the Metal Meltdown!

Join me for Friday April 10 at 5:00 PM E.S.T. for the third Friday Live Stream! This week we will be tackling the complete discography of a beloved metal band, looking at some special musical rarities (CD and vinyl)…and something craaazy.

See you then. Michael Ladano on Facebook.


        1. Sorry 5am wakeup is exclusively for 8am uni starts. It’s beyond my comfortable waking up time. That starts at 6am


        2. Van Halen’s a bit better but the singing’s a bit aimless. Guitar playing gives me Physical Graffiti vibes


        1. That was one of their ironically dumb pop songs. This is from the same album, but they’re trying harder.

          Probably still not to your tastes though! You’re an all metal man.


        2. It’s technically proficient but ironically seems lifeless to me. Just nothing speaks to me in any way. It’s not naturally boring per se, just sort of soulless


        3. Divine Filth is unavailable it says, but it’s probably too heavy anyway. Boingo is obviously awesome.


  1. Good Friday is usually a time for in-person gathering – so I like that you’re giving the livestream alternative, Mike, a place for the community to safely assemble from a distance!


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