Guest Sunday Chuckle: Autopilot

Contributor Thussy sent this in. Back in January he snapped this shot from CP24. I’m not sure if this is a Sunday Chuckle or more of a WTF!


  1. I knew a guy who met Tesla at a record signing back in the ’80s. He said they were hours late and showed up reeking of weed. So I can understand why they were pulled over. Don’t let Jeff Keith take the wheel while you floss.


      1. They lots of love nowadays for not being quite as cheesy as the hair bands that surrounded them. That being said, they’re still pretty cheesy, and I have trouble listening to them without being a little embarrassed. Maybe a little less than other bands from the era though. Good musicianship and production though.

        Always liked this song, especially the acoustic version.


        1. Reminds me of Guns and Roses, just not as good (the non-acoustic) and I’m not a big fan of Guns and Roses to begin with


        2. You’re not missing anything revelatory by passing them up entirely. They did kickoff the unplugged trend in the ’90s before it was a thing, which isn’t exactly a noble contribution to the annals of rock. Though it did lead to the only halfway listenable Nirvana album. Their MTV Unplugged in New York is a pretty good listen. Without his electric guitar Kurt couldn’t do his usual punk poser feedback horseshit to ruin his melodic pop smarts. Also most of the songs are covers, so that helps too. I wouldn’t recommend that album to you though. Everything I know about you tells me it wouldn’t be your thing.


        3. Depends on my mood, but with the right circumstances I might consider that done right to be better than boring acoustic interpretations of rock songs. (acoustic “Diamonds and Rust” is a crime against rock)


  2. ooh, My Charlotte Hornets were beating Toronto at that point in the game. Toronto ended up winning. Now on to the chuckle, what was wrong with what he was doing? Did he cause a wreck. Women do make-up all the time while driving. What is wrong with flossing and having good hygiene!

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