Live Stream – The Complete Judas Priest and more – Friday April 10

A one-hour look at every major official Judas Priest album.  A Facebook stunt gone awry.  A killer rare box set.  All here in a 90 minute live stream.

NOTE: I have briefly censored an accidental half moon. I apologize to those who had to witness it.


    1. I’ve only had my ass cracked twice. Once by a kinky girl who knocked me out and tied me to her bed with rope. The second is now, because the no toilet paper situation is causing the shit to accumulate and dry out my asshole into bloody hamburger meat, only smellier and less nutritious.

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      1. Although Deke has encouraged me to leave my bare bum in the video, I have decided that I cannot do that to my readers, it’s just not right. So I am in the process now of adding a censor bar over my bum crack.


    2. Having slept on it, I am censoring my ass in the video. But, it was funny that it happened and just one more reason why live is best. The people that saw it live, saw it live. The people who didn’t won’t now.

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        1. Apparently not in my case. I come from a long line of bald people. But my mother’s side is pretty good, so it may stop halfway, though I’m not counting on that at all

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    1. Thanks man! A little early this year for my usual shaved head, BUT with it being so windy out there right now, this is a good thing. My hair really didn’t like the wind. Jen misses the hair but it’ll come back in the fall.

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  1. Regarding Defenders of the Faith bonus track differences.
    “Which one do you buy? (2001 Re-master or Deluxe)”

    Buy the original CD. The re-masters are treble boosted brickwalled shit. One of the worst re-masters ever!!!


  2. Also, Turbo is really the last album with Dave Holland. Ram It Down is a drum machine.

    I don’t think Dave was a shitty drummer. He just wasn’t a metal drummer. He was great with Trapeze, and on British Steel and Point of Entry. Point of Entry in particular he had a lot of flare. He let the arrangements breathe, “Desert Plains” is a highlight. He was perfect for what they were doing on those two albums, and then when they amped back up with Screaming for Vengeance and everything after he was a bit out of his element. By Defenders he was definitely a weak link in the band.


  3. You call it the winter suite too. I did that in my review by complete coincidence, written around the same time as this stream, which I didn’t get around to until now (yes, shame on me)

    I’m not impressed with some of Haslam’s comments, especially about “Love Bites” (and of course the ones about Transformers).

    By the way, you only have to buy the 2001 Defenders reissue for one bonus track, the majority of the live bonus tracks on the 2001 albums are from the very show that is on the Defenders Deluxe Edition.

    Jugulator might not be a real word, but it still is a wicked title though.

    Demolition > Jugulator though. “Jekyll and Hyde” rules.

    No, you just need Live in London. ’98 Live Meltdown has the inferior tracklist.\

    Lochness is not shit, as you well know by now.

    I’m betrayed, disappointed. I thought you liked Nostradamus.

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    1. I heard it referred to as the Winter Suite, so that’s what I call it now! It confused me as a kid, like what are these 4 songs? And then Cheater sounds nothing like the other parts.

      Haslam is known for his inflammatory comments. You should see what he’s like in person. Next time I see him live on the stream, I will ask him what he thinks of the video game Guitar Hero. That’ll make him blow his lid.

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