Lockdown Video #7: Mail Day!


  1. These are tough times man, and I hope the music brings you some relaxation. If you want some more recommendations, Slade’s Live Anthology is a crapton of value for money and just a really rockin’ listen all round.

    Or if you want to branch out a bit more, ELO’s Eldorado, A New World Record, and Time are all really solid albums with their own individual uniqueness and style.

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    1. OK man tell you what. Next time I place an order with Encore, I will look for those albums. I don’t own any ELO so I’m down to start any time.

      I like the Satriani, it’s good! Stay healthy and stay safe.

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      1. In terms of rocking quotient, the most rock of the bunch is A New World Record. Eldorado is a more laid back orchestral one and Time is very synthy. Discovery is good too, but it is unequivocally their disco album.


  2. Looks like a good haul there, I’m sure it will help get you through all this. I’m not in work on Saturday so I will get to catch your live streaming. I might have to have a nap in the day time as it will start midnight here in the UK.

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    1. Great! I hope you can tune in. I have picked out a number of rarities to show off. If you can’t tune in, fear not, I like changing the times up from week to week so different people can join.

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