Saturday Live Stream: 7:00 PM E.S.T – Rarities Galore

I hope you’ve been enjoying these Facebook live streams!  I sure have been.  This week’s stream will be Saturday April 18 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  The idea behind changing days and times is to give different people an opportunity to watch.  (If you missed last week’s live stream, The Judas Priest Discography, you can watch it here.)

The subject matter this week is:  Rare Box Sets!  I have an armful dusted off to show off to you.  Some you may have seen on my site before, and some you might not even know existed.  I’ll throw in a rare album or two as time permits.  I plan on going for roughly an hour.  Rob Daniels from Visions in Sound will be going live after I’m done so I’ll be jumping over to catch his show!

No crazy stunts this time, but I will be trying out a new feature.  Whether it’s a bomb or not, we’ll see.  It’s called What the Hell is Mike’s Dad Watching on TV.

Join me tomorrow at 7 PM E.S.T. for some rock and roll shenanigans!  Facebook:  Michael Ladano


Disclaimer:  There will be NO half-moons this time.  I swear.  Deke is still blind, and according to doctors, may never regain his eyesight.  





  1. Liked this episode the best probably cos it covered so much music. And learned new things again. I didn’t know that the best of rare Cult had rare tracks. I don’t have that one. This was all pre internet days so I had no idea. I remember that ‘tallica binge and purge set being a big deal at the time it was released. Never got it. Not so big of a fan of live releases. Don’t think I have ever gotten a box set with t-shirt. Don’t own so many box sets. I usually just get the deluxe editions. What is your favorite box set? And thanks again for the live stream!

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    1. You know what KK, maybe next week I should do my favourite box sets. Because I can show you some completely different ones under that category. I have a few very good ideas and we could do another 60 minutes. What do you think?

      Yes – Best of Rare Cult had songs not on Rare Cult. FIVE actually. FIVE!!

      “She Sells Sanctuary (long version)”, “Spanish Gold”,
      “The River”,
      “Lay Down Your Gun (version two)”,
      “Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles) (original mix)”


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