Saturday Live Stream: 6:00 PM E.S.T – Favourite Vinyl & Free Discussion


Someone last week requested that I cover my favourite vinyl on the next live stream.  At the same time, I received some feedback that going back to a discussion format like the early streams might be fun.  I’ve decided to do a bit of both.

For today’s live stream, starting at 6:00 PM E.S.T., I’ll be talking about some of my favourite records.  Why are they some of my favourites?  We’ll get into that and more.  But we’ll start with some free discussion about whatever you want.  How are you holding up now, two months into this crisis?

I read an interesting comment about new music during the crisis.  “I’d prefer not to get any new albums at this time,” went one comment, “because I don’t want to always associate that music with this time.”

Let’s talk about this and more tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Facebook:  Michael Ladano


  1. Interesting idea about new music and the crisis. I can’t say that the crisis will affect my view of certain Priest songs. Songs I dislike are songs I dislike and the songs I like rock too hard to remind me of these times


    1. 99.99% of Judas Priest songs you dislike rock too! You’re just a Weirdo McFartpants.

      Once we pass Defenders the percentage of truly bad Priest songs definitely goes way up.


  2. I might be late, but I will do my best to make an appearance as it is always entertaining. Plus, I need to know if your Dad is still watching National Geographic again for the 3 rd week in a row. :-)


  3. just watching the stream now. I remember loving listening to live after death and just looking at those pictures on the inner sleeves. Growing up my favorite live albums were Whitesnake live in the heart of the city and Sabbath live evil with the scary looking cover. Then later on live after death, Scorpions World wide live and


  4. Thanks again for the stream. You have that Hear’n’Aid full album!!! I’ve been wanting it for years. I only have the ep. My favorite Lenny album is Circus. Have that Intermission on cassette. And Final Countdown was the very first cd that I bought. I bought 2 the same day. My Dad had bought a cd player and I went with him to get some cds to play and was allowed to choose 2 for myself. So from the very limited stock at the store I got Final Countdown and Revolver.


  5. Interesting idea about new music being permanently associated with the crisis – I’d imagine though, if it were an album that helped me through a difficult time, that could actually be a positive association

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    1. I haven’t started associating much with this crisis — yet. That will take time to ascertain. I think when this is over I will likely associate Loudness with this time, but that remains to be seen. I think the association will be positive.

      Ironically we never got to discuss this point. I’ll save it for later.

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