Live Stream – My Favourite Vinyl + general discussion – Saturday May 2


  1. Just watched the live stream from last night… Killer! Can’t wait for next week’s Part 2 of the vinyl!!! I’m a vinyl fan myself, and have some rare pieces. So glad I stumbled across your blog. I completely relate to almost every one of your posts. I graduated high school in 1988, and I lived for the hair bands of the 80’s! Never worked in a record store, but I have worked in rock radio. 50 years old, and I STILL dig this stuff… Was just cranking some Princess Pang and Sea Hags vinyl last night!

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    1. Hey Brian! Glad you enjoyed. Next week’s vinyl will include the albums I didn’t get to this week, and a bunch of singles too. Hope you can tune in!


      1. When this came up in my email I thought it was a compliment to me. So I started watching my video trying to figure out why I was a man of culture. But it was Holen, not me! LOL


        1. It was supposed to be mailed months ago, during that time when “I’ll do it next weekend” was a perfectly reasonable excuse. Now…

          I am just trying to minimize my outings as much as possible. I actually have not been inside a store in approximately 8 weeks.

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