Saturday Live Stream: 6:00 PM E.S.T – No Theme, Just Stream!

No theme, just stream!  Stuff planned for this week:

  • Oddball releases
  • New arrivals
  • Cassette singles
  • Coffee
  • Special guests
  • Pants optional

Weather and technology permitting, I may do this live stream outdoors.  Change of scenery!

6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Facebook:  Michael Ladano




    1. Surprisingly no stream crossing in Salò/120 Days of Sodom. Still the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen in my life. Made me feel all grimy. Eww.

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        1. So you know when I say it’s the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen it means something. Stay far away!

          Harrison and I were just talking about it, hence its appearance here.

          Holen’s movie recommendation of the week: Videodrome. Directed by a Canadian! David Cronenberg starring James Woods. Way better than Scanners. The main actor in that is so fucking boring. James Woods is many things, but definitely not boring. It’s also way smarter, confident, tantalizing and surreal. Holds up better too.


  1. Thanks for the stream once again. Just watched it. I need to brush up on my Rush listening. My favorite for now is Farewell to Kings. I have always kinda avoided Rush but this album changed my mind. I really like it. Love at First Sting is my favorite Scorpions album. I remember listening to it a lot in my teens. No idea if the dvd in my reissue set works since I haven’t watched it yet. Sabbath wise I think my favorite Martin albums are Headless Cross, eternal idol and Tyr. Cool seeing u get so hyped ordering that cd live. I know that feeling of finally finding an album u have been looking for ages. Thanks for sharing that!


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