Sunday Chuckle: The Wisdom of Uncle Meat

This is an excerpt from the Saturday May 23 live stream.  Uncle Meat let us know what he learned that day, specifically about people who play with Star Wars action figures.  I’m sure you’ll find it as enlightening as I did.



Incidentally, this is the picture that really drove him nuts, the one of Baby Yoda eating the leaf.  He describes these pictures as “creepy, like Weekend at Bernie’s“.


  1. I was thinking of having some of my Studio Series TFs in the background yesterday, but Meat’s wise words woke me up to the truth. All praise Meat the great and wise.

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        1. I enjoyed doing that. We’ll definitely try that again. Last weekend wasn’t a good one for me popping on and off all day, it was far too cold. This weekend might be a good one for it.

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    1. There WILL be. In fact I’m planning on having one or two of these characters in a picture with Uncle Meat himself, just not sure how I’m doing it yet. But he’ll hate it. Which is the whole point.

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