Epic Live Stream – KISS Lists, Guests, and more! 2hr 48m of stream!

Since I already had the 1986 Saga scheduled all week, I didn’t want to schedule a formal live stream for this weekend like I usually do.  Instead I decided to just wing it and go live whenever I felt like it.  Streaming periodically through the day like this, we had almost 3 hours of jibber jabber!

This week’s major feature:  The “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” KISS albums list!  Special guest star:  Uncle Meat.

Lists submitted by:

Len Labelle also sent a list, but I forgot to write it down so we will do his next week!

If you just want to see the KISS lists, you can skip ahead to 2:06:30 of the stream.

If you want to hear me rip an epic fart point blank into the microphone in stereo, skip ahead to 1:52:30 of the stream.

If you’d like to hear my mom’s reaction to Uncle Meat’s attraction to my sister, skip to 0:57:10 of the stream.

If you want to see Deke move and speak in real life, skip to 2:46:15 of the stream.

If you’re just interested in the Star Wars action figures, you’ll want to watch from 0:12:45 of the stream.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!



    1. Nah, Shane Black shit the bed there. The Nice Guys was awesome and underrated, but then he had to fuck up again with the new Predator.

      His masterpiece will always be Lethal Weapon though. Do you really want to jump?


      1. You’ve watched Gotham? Or at least Chiklis’s bits? Either way, that’s great, It’s one of my favourite shows.


  1. Like Captain Marvel, called Red Skull being in Infinity War before I saw it, and gotta disagree with you on Winter Soldier. Really don’t care for that one

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    1. Leave it to you to be the one to dislike the most acclaimed film in the Marvel Saga in Winter Soldier. I’m really not a fan of any of them, I think they got really cookie cutter real fast, even more so after Age of Ultron shit its pants.



      1. My brother came back from seeing it and said that someone unexpected came back. Two seconds later I said Red Skull. He didn’t confirm until we were alone. I also called Loki’s death when my brother mentioned a death

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    1. What about Live!: From LeBrain’s Sausage.

      According to that story about his weiner falling out skipping outside to get the mail, you’d not a long distance lens to shoot out of it.


    1. Shooting film from inside your cock and then placing it side by side in a video against LeBrain’s footage to see once and for all whose Schwartz is bigger?


        1. Yes, he’s obviously talking about a cannon. Probably one of the ones used in For Those About To Rock


  2. Thanks again, just watched all the streams. Most fun for me was the Kiss lists section. My favorites are creatures cos that’s my entry point then destroyer, rock n roll over, lick it up, asylum, revenge.

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        1. The audio was lagging from my end and it was bizaree hearing my voice 10 seconds later. Confused the shit out of me lol…than I tried getting off the ipad and onto the lap top but the stream ended.
          Live Without a Net!

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        2. My problem was that the sun was in my eyes and I had to get back in doors so I couldn’t hang around to try again. Next time! I don’t know if you could have done it from a laptop or not. I know I can’t do it from mine.

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        3. It seems to work best like that. Not sure what phone Meat is using but it’s all phones.

          What would be nice is getting Zoom to stream. Still can’t get that to work.

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