Sunday Chuckle: Ladano’s Wild Kingdom

As you know, I’ve been live streaming on weekends during lockdown. Well that’s not all!

Maybe you’ve caught a live instalment of Ladano’s Wild Kingdom too? I get these massive earthworms on the front lawn, and since we’re locked down with nothing else to do, people have been watching live streams of worms! For your Sunday Chuckle, here’s an episode of Ladano’s Wild Kingdom.

It’s an historic episode too. It’s the first one where James Kalyn offered me $7 to eat a worm and a stick!




        1. I thought most of those places were appointment only but I guess that’s up to the shops. You know me, I just did the Covid haircut back in April. And you have been rocking the baseball hat. I think we have managed pretty well during this crisis. I’m not ready to hit up a patio just yet, but I did have some excellent Mary Brown’s chicken yesterday.

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        2. Nice! Unfortunately it appears that a few of my favourites are not coming back. I did just place a fresh Encore order — can’t wait to show off some brand new Rush box set action.

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