The James Kalyn Eat a Worm and a Stick for $7.00 Challenge

On June 11 2020, James Kalyn offered me $7.00 to eat one worm and one stick.  Today he paid up.


  1. Congrats on crushing the worm challenge and earning a ton while doing it!!!

    So how’s your ‘tallica task going? So far gathered that the Moscow show is a gem.

    Is that the only one you’re listening at the moment? I’m listening to Talisman st. Looking forward to hearing the new Monster Magnet I just got since it’s been awhile from their last release.

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    1. I am currently on “Through the Never” pre-production rehearsal. I have like 2 1/2 CDs left of rough versions before I even get to more live stuff!

      You’re gonna love when Snow has cooking if you like Talisman.


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