Addendum to Ballad Stream: The Kiss List

If you watched Friday’s live stream — Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Ballads — then you know I made reference to an early list I made that was all Kiss ballads. I thought I’d share this list with you as an addendum to the live stream itself.

The idea behind the list was to do something unexpected so I explored what an 11-song Kiss ballads list would look like for me. Since Kiss is my favourite band, I thought about claiming that all my 11 favourite ballads happened to be Kiss songs…but no “Forever” and no “Reason to Live” allowed.  What you see at bottom is the list I was going to present to you on Friday nights, until cooler heads prevailed.  In the end I only used one song — “Hard Luck Woman”.

I told Meat that I had something really messed up planned with my list, and he twisted my arm to revert back to something more conventional (thought still unexpected, I mean Wham!, right?).  I’m glad he did, as I don’t think a joke like putting all Kiss songs would have made for an interesting show on my part.


  1. Thats a cool list. Just A Boy would have not been on mine whereas A Million To One would have. Bit heavy of course but on that album it is the ballad.
    Great stuff Mikey


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