Sunday Chuckle: Skunked

I guess the guy across the road at the lake fancies himself a bit of a do-it-yourself-er.  He has all the accoutrements:  a pickup truck, some kind of four-wheeler ATV, and assorted doohickies.  This season there has been a skunk spotted running between his place to my sister’s.  Though the skunk hasn’t been bothering anyone, he decided it would be smart to try and catch this skunk.  Without assistance.

I came into this story when I was burning up my dad’s old rotten wood last week.  “Whew!” I said when I caught a strong whiff of skunk.  “It must be coming from the wood.”  It was so powerful, I assumed the skunk had its way with the woodpile and that’s what I was smelling.  I was wrong.  It was Tool Time With Tim across the street.  He might have caught the skunk, but in retaliation it unleashed its full fury and you could still smell it a week later.

Lesson here:  don’t be like Tool Time.  Call a professional, or just leave it the hell alone!


  1. Better to leave Skunks alone. We have a couple of roamers around here as well. We make sure our dogs don’t go out too late at night and since we have a fenced yard we can get the dogs in quicker.

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    1. Tool Time With Tim seems to think my mom and dad are cool, so I told them “why don’t you act like the old wise ones of the beach, and relay your wisdom of the wilderness to him, and tell him in your experiences, skunks are best left alone.” It’s my only hope. LOL

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  2. He thinks it’s living under his shed. All he has to do is close in the bottom of the shed so they can’t get under it. Seems easy to me! Then maybe they can live under someone else’s shed. Someone who isn’t an a-hole. If he’s such a handy guy that should be simple.


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