WTF Comments: Just a Little Patience for the Be All End All Music Guy

On July 20, for what would have been his birthday, an unreleased Chris Cornell track hit the airwaves. It was a version of Guns N’ Roses’ “Patience”. Reaction was mixed. Mrs. LeBrain likes it, while I do not.

When the local radio station played it and asked for feedback, listeners offered a range of opinions. “Voice is annoying,” said Ernie.  Sarah thought the track was “Beautiful”.  “Don’t care for it,” commented Stacy while Ron found his voice “haunting”.  Meanwhile Steve said it wasn’t as good as his cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U”.

My comment was simple. “I didn’t play the whole thing.  Just enough to know why it was unreleased.”  Apparently I must have triggered Chris (who I’ve never seen or spoken to before in my life), even more than the guy who called Cornell’s voice “annoying”.  Check out the exchange below.


I’m trying to get better at taking compliments.  Hey, I’m the be all end all now!  Take that, internet.



  1. Harrison’s Mad Max comment is still better. Tell Shephere McPoopypantz to chill the fuck out. Then tell him he’ll never be Ben Shephard.


  2. I’m honestly most surprised Cornell covered GNR. I thought those self-serious bands didn’t wanna be associated with “hair metal”.


    1. Next Cornell archive releases.

      Chris Cornell – When the Children Cry, Nothing but a Good Time, I Saw Red, etc.


  3. I’m not a fan of the OG song or Chris Cornell. But I didn’t think this was too bad. It’s funny how people get all bent out of shape from other’s opinions. He probably more bent out of shape of how sick of a burn it is.

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