O Canada! Friday Live Streamin’ returns with “Maple” flavoured lists!

The list format returns!  It’s another “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten”, and this time it’s a doozy.  How do you narrow down the top albums from an entire country, and arrange them on a list?  I dunno, but there are some of us that are going to try.  Wish us luck.

How you get in on the mayhem?  It’s easy.  Just go to Facebook: MikeLeBrain on Friday August 14 at 7:00 pm E.S.T.  There you can participate in the fun with your commentary, as we count down…


No greatest hits; all genres permitted.  A monster of a task indeed.  Four lists have been submitted.  Cohosts have been booked.  If all goes according to plan (which it should due to an hour-long test stream last week) we will have two of the most knowledgeable Canadian music fans on board for what promises to be an epic discussion.

Join me tonight at 7:00 pm E.S.T., eh?


        1. I like Reckless. It’s a good pop/rock offering. He really jumped the shark with the Mutt Lange shit though. “Every Cock I Suck, I Swallow it Too” and all the other dumb Men in Tights ballads.


        2. I think maybe I’ve been listening to too much Anal Cunt recently. It’s making me way more intense with my tongue-in-buttcheek insults.


        3. My favourite of his tunes would either be the cliched answer (Summer of ’69 or Run to You) or Can’t Stop This Thing We Started.


  1. I’ll save you the trouble. Here’s the eleven best Canadian albums.

    1. Permanent Waves
    2. Moving Pictures
    3. Hemispheres
    4. Signals
    5. Grace Under Pressure
    6. A Farewell to Kings
    7. 2112
    8. Hold Your Fire
    9. Power Windows
    10. Fly by Night
    11. Vapor Trails


      1. Maybe I just really like Rush and no matter what country they were from they’d have the top 11 albums? Why do you have to eradicate me?!

        Just kidding! CanadIan Economy=Rush. Feel free to read my list on air.


        1. The more guests, the longer the show. It is the way it is. But everyone will be engaged and having fun. So that is the important part. If I don’t hear my album by the end, I’ll mention it in the chat. And you guys and decide if you want me on if your not wiped out by then.

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        2. Sounds good man. Yeah I expect it to go longer, unless one of us has wifi issues and conks out early! Did a test stream last night and the wifi is dicey, I might have to do the show early since the wifi seems to get worse at night.

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        3. No, it is just a drain on the area. There is only so much bandwidth that any area can handle. If everyone is using the internet at the same time it will bog things down. It is the same as water pressure in your house. If you flush the toilet while someone is running the shower, they’ll both still work. Just a little slower.

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        1. Oh man, thanks! Thanks so much. I was telling someone I probably sunk $200 into this since starting in March, trying new technology etc. So I appreciate that it looked and sounded good.

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