Epic All-Canadian Live Stream featuring Mr. Books and Agent Dekes

History was made Friday night!

For the first time ever, Deke and I have shared the screen with Mr. Books himself, Aaron from the KMA.  The subject this week:  Top 11 Canadian albums of all time.  An absolutely epic discussion unfolded with so many different genres being touched upon.  As remarkable as the lists were (five in total), it’s also quite astounding when we talked about all the albums we left out!

Lists submitted by:

  • Deke
  • Mr. Books
  • LeBrain
  • Darr
  • Dr. Kathryn Ladano

With Deke coming in from Lake Superior, Aaron from Georgian Bay, and myself on the shore of Lake Huron, we had three massive bodies of water covered.  What should we call ourselves?  The Great Lakes Consortium?

For a look at the shape of streams to come, check out the end of the video.  We brought in Uncle Meat, Rob Daniels from Visions in Sound, and Kevin/Buried On Mars.  While six at a time is a lot, it sure was fun to see everybody together for the first time!

I can’t help but take a little bit of pride in all this.  My very first live stream was March 20, the week lockdown began. Eager to make connections with others in isolation, I hit that “live” button on my Facebook app just to see what would happen. It ended up being a lot of fun and it so happened that others liked it too. A few weeks later, we figured out how to get Uncle Meat to co-host and he came up with the now infamous “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” format.

But there were limitations, because we had to use a Facebook phone app if I wanted to have a co-host.  This reduced the scope of awesome people available to share the screen with me.  Finally Kevin directed me to Streamyard which solved numerous problems.  After months of trying to figure out how to stream to Facebook (where my audience is) without having to use Facebook, Streamyard worked.  For the first time after many months of trying, Aaron has finally co-hosted a show.  A milestone!  So yeah, I’m proud of myself and proud of the awesome friends who have co-hosted along the way.  We made something here that is catching on with people.  I owe Meat a huge debt for being the first co-host and coming up with the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten concept.

Look at the first stream below, and look where we are now.  We’ve come a long way.


  1. Fun show. Got a few names to check out. Following Deke’s example and made a list of Canadian bands I have albums by. Didn’t know some of them were Canadian. Here’s my list, not in order.
    killer dwards: standing tall
    annihilator: never, neverland
    the tea party: triptych
    loverboy: wildside
    rush: a farewell to kings
    I Mother Earth: Dig
    Our Lady Peace: Happiness..is not a fish that you can catch
    cowboy junkies: the caution horses
    voivod: nothingface

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  2. Good job guys. I really enjoyed what I saw and apparently missed a lot if 6 people were on it. I got through about 1/2 the list (the back 1/2) and there was one band I hadn’t heard that I need to check out. It was Deke’s #11 I think, Snatcher??? Anyway, I will look that one up. Being an all Canadian line-up and Canadian albums there were a lot of bands that never caught on down here.

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    1. Hey Thanks, John,
      It was Santers and the album is called Shot Down In Flames. Santers released two others as well. Racing Time(1982) and Guitar Alley(1984).
      Of the 3 Santers albums, Racing Time is my fave yet I have not found that one on vinyl yet. All 3 are decent enough as Rick Santers remastered and released them to iTunes and Spotify.
      Check em out!
      Thanks for watching it.

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        1. Your right John a lot of bands did not catch on in the U.S but had decent runs in Canada. I almost put Aldo’s Subject on the list. I flip and flopped on that one but Santers edged em out by a smidge.

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    2. Thank you John I had such a great time, any chance you might want to come along and do a show some day? You have never asked but it should be known that I’d love to do that any time as well. Would be cool to get you and Deke “face to face”.


  3. Could u maybe do a German or British or even Australian versions too? On the favorites. Harrison could maybe whip up some good ones none of us has heard of before. I loved Kings of the Sun’s st album.

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        1. I’m afraid twisting my arm is very difficult. It’s not a time of day thing though. I’d be willing to get up early to do it. It’s just there’s no subject where I’m like “oh yeah! Let’s do that! I’m the best man for the job”.
          For example, Maiden albums is better off with Deke (plus trying to order them would break my sanity).


    1. Well KK anything is possible. I would LOVE Harrison to be on the show again but he seems content to just watch. However I have had two requests for Harrison’s return. How do we get him to come back?


  4. I just have to say, I think this was the best episode so far. The way you, Deke, and Aaron all worked together was fun to watch. I loved the lists and wrote down a slew of albums I was previously unaware of to check out. I’m so happy you have taken to Streamyard and are now doing stuff with it that I haven’t even attempted yet. I feel like Obi-Wan has just taught Luke the ways of the force.


  5. That was very cool. It’s amazing how many great Canadian artists we have. I forgot about so many of them. I hope you do something similar again. Tons of fun. Dog sounds too,

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  6. Mr Books = Monsieur Livres, that is sensational!
    Sorry I missed the live show, thanks for posting the video, looking forward to seeing where we have CanCon top album overlap!


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