Friendship & Tunes and Surprise Guests Stream!

In contrast to last week’s 3+ hour show, a shorter one for you tonight.  Short but cool, if “a little light on the Scott Peddle content” according to my Yelp reviews.  The subject of friendship and the music that connects us was the topic for this hour.  But then, as if summoned by the Live Stream gods…came a surprise.


The very first official live stream FROM SAUSAGEFEST.  Say hello to Seb, Dr. Dave, the Meat Man, Bucky, Tyler and the rest of the gang!   To skip to this part of the stream go to 1:04:50 below.

Rob Daniels also joined at the end.  Enjoy the show!


  1. That was fun. Cool to see the Sausagefest bit, shame u couldn’t go this year but sounds like u made the music list for them? That hit and run and girlfriend story was in the record tales, right? Hey can I send in my list of soundtracks too? It’s only soundtracks. I don’t think I have any score ones. My box of Dio remasters is still waiting to be opened. And it’s only cds, not vinyl. I got the original later ones on cd too. No vinyl.


  2. Hey man, thanks for the mention! Known you a long time, from Jon Spencer’s screaming to Led Zeppelin boxed sets, tons of Taranna trips to quarantine pining for Taranna trips… we will get there again. We will.

    Oooo I’m a mystery! Haha yeah, more Sloan than Crowes, these days. My sister’s the Crowes fanatic, still.
    I don’t remember that many PJ live albums being in there. Maybe half the number you said, my memory says, but still. I kept a bunch too, main ones. Did you know they did that for other tours too, every show? It was sooo much.

    Relevant Mr. Books Residence History:

    K/W (1995-1999)
    Montreal (1999-2001)
    Saskatoon (2001-2005)
    Owen Sound (2005-current)

    KMA started with James: Oct. 2006

    $7 Mike: Worm and a stick! Go!

    COMMUNITY!! \m/ \m/


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