Rock and Roll Friendship Stream

If all goes according to plan, I will be going live tonight at 6:30 PM E.S.T as a solo artist once again!

Unfortunately the weather is looking like storms all weekend, which can mess with the internet.  If I am unable to go live tonight then I will reschedule the show.

This show’s theme is another one suggested by SuperdekesFriendship!  Good friends, and all the great tunes that connect them.  Music, and pals!  The reason for this week’s topic is simple.

Today begins the 19th annual Sausagefest.  I’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to stay isolated this year.  While I am 100% confident that none of my friends will get sick, I am practising a stricter social distancing policy.  2020 is a seriously screwed up year, and this year I’m valuing family more than ever.  If I want to spend time under the same roof as my parents at the cottage, and have them be comfortable with that, then I need to respect them by adhering to the same distancing as they are.  If I want to be enjoying my “happy place” with them, then I need to respect that.

Because I cannot be with my friends today, I’ll be talking about them.  My “Nostalgia Stream“, about my childhood best friend Bob, was one of the most popular shows I’ve done.  He had a huge impact on me musically, but so did others.  This time we’ll be talking about some of the other colourful characters in my crazy life, all centred around the love of rock and roll.

As before, when I’m done yammering on I’ll open it up for others to join in!

Facebook:  Michael Ladano or Facebook:  MikeLeBrainYouTube:  Mike LeBrain.


I have been told by someone younger and more knowledgeable about such things that shows like mine need a name.  Apparently that’ll help with exposure.  The following names have all been suggested.  Please leave a comment with your favourite or a suggestion of your own.


  • LeBrain and Friends’ Rock and Roll Landfill
  • LeBrain Wave
  • LeBrain’s Chat Rock
  • LeBrain Meltdown
  • The LeBrain Drain
  • 2000 Words or More With Mike Ladano
  • The Lebrain Eats A Worm And A Stick YouTube Hour*
  • Geezer Mike’s Rock Talkin’, Ball Walkin’, Super Shit Sandwich Show
  • Musical Thinking With LeBrain
  • Too Much Fuckin’ Perspective’ with LeBrain
  • Mike’s World With a Side of Meat and a Dash of Deke
  • The LeBrain Train – A Rockin’ Friday Adventure
  • LeBrain Center
  • LeBrain Scan
  • LeBrain Candy
  • Scattered LeBrain
  • Wrack Your LeBrain
  • Shit for LeBrains
  • LeBrain Farts



* Guess who suggested that one.


      1. It comes around once a year, though it has stuck around longer than usual and the amount of times I’ve felt bad this week is unprecedented compared to previous times. I should be fine. Eventually.

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  1. Some more show titles.

    LeBrain’s Ass Smells Like A Rotted Out Racoon Corpse
    LeBrain’s Big Gay Show
    Slave to the LeBrain
    LeBrain Does the Crusades
    LeBrain Drain
    LeBrain & Friends
    LeBrain’s Happy Fun Time Hour
    LeBrain’s Increasingly Elaborate Bids for Human Connection in a Ravaged World of Destruction and Anger


      1. It is catchy and the tag line is great and you can go so many ways with the phrasing like “Come Aboard the Madnesss” and each week the theme can be a stop along the tracks….”Tracks” – OMG songs are tracks and trains have tracks…BRILLIANT!! :-)

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  2. I will try and tune in as much as I can tonight. I have one recording that usually ends at around 6:30 and another starting at 8pm. Looks like I’ll be sitting at the computer for the evening!


  3. I’ll be watching the feed tomorrow. For now I got some unboxing to do. Those Dio remasters came in the mail today….Have a have fun show!


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