Storytime with Frank Loffredo on The LeBrain Train

He came; he talked; he rocked!  Frank Loffredo of Thunder Bay’s legendary Crocks N Rolls joined the LeBrain Train to tell story, after story, after story.  Drawing from a broad palette of musical love, Frank talks punk, reggae, jazz, Canadian music, and everything in between.  How do you nurture a music scene in an isolated town like Thunder Bay?  Listen and find out.

As I often do, I began the show with a special unboxing.  If you want to see that, you can start the stream from the beginning.  If you just want to watch the interview with Frank, then start the stream at the 0:07:00 mark.

Thanks everyone for watching and asking your questions, and thanks to Frank for giving us two hours of your time!


  1. I did pop in for a bit but with it being after midnight in the UK, I couldn’t stay long. I did catch Frank talking about some of his experiences, especially how he got the job at the bar. He is a very interesting dude.

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  2. I was watching on the big screen tonight with my wife. I was only able to stay on that first hour and it was fantastic. Frank has some stories and I love it covered so many genres and who knew Nick Carter was awesome. Cool to hear. Great show Mikey, I will catch the rest as soon as I can.

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      1. I couldn’t type comments as I was afraid it would screw something up on my screening. I will try and finish it up to see the Priest news. Are you guys going to interview Halford next???


  3. I was happy to catch the early part of the interview – I enjoyed his line about looking old when he was young / looking young when he’s old.
    I remember someone describing Weird Al like that, for the last several decades, somehow Weird Al has always looked 38!


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